TAFE can be a fantastic way to gain practical skills and training in a whole range of career areas.

Click here to visit the TAFE QLD site and find out more about the courses that are available through TAFE and what it is like to study there.

There are six TAFE Institutes in Queensland. To find information on the closest Institute and campus to where you might want to study, you can use the links below:

Direct Entry

Each year students are invited to apply for Direct Entry to Diploma level courses at Gold Coast TAFE. Students receiving direct entry are notified, prior to OPs and rankings being released. This gives them a guaranteed place at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE for the following year while they are still able to apply for a place at University if they wish.​ Students will be advised via the daily notices and College newsletter when Direct Entry is open.

Pathway to University

​You can also use TAFE as a pathway to University. You can possibly get "Credit Transfer" towards University courses after studying at TAFE.