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The Opti-MINDS Creative Sustainability Challenge is an inclusive team challenge which EMPOWERS participants to THINK, CREATE & COMMUNICATE. Opti-MINDS is a creative problem-solving event for teams of participants from schools across Queensland. 
Students work in teams of 6-8 students of a similar age. 
Teams are required to meet at least once a week at school (eg. before school, lunch after school) in the first 6 weeks of Term 3. 
Students must be available to participate in the Challenge Day (usually the Sunday of week 6/7 in Term 3).
They are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following categories: 
Language Literature 
Science Engineering 
Social Sciences 


​Teams are required to work together on a Long Term Challenge for up to six weeks without assistance from anyone outside the team. Participants are encouraged to explore possibilities & experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best possible solution. 
  • They develop creative & original ways to communicate this solution to others, working within predefined parameters such as limited materials, complex Challenge criteria & the deadlines of The Challenge Day. 
  • Students present the product of their ideas – their Challenge solution – to a panel of judges & an audience on Challenge Day. They have 10 minutes in which to present & must do so in a 3 x 3 metre (Approx.) performance area. 
  • The teams must also participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Opti-MINDS Day. This Challenge requires a rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think effectively, creatively, & well-developed group cooperation skills. 

Details will be provided later this year or see Ms Maureen Lill or Ms Bianca Zorn if you are interested.