Social Justice

Marymount College has a strong commitment to social justice and a deep concern for solidarity issues within our world. 

We seek to empower the students to actively participate in social justice activities by offering a number of programs that address the needs of the local community and communities around the world. By collaborating with different charity organizations in the community as well as running a number of school-based projects we seek to install a belief in the students that they can make a difference in the world and reach out to those in need. The Social Justice Group is a strong presence within the school and these activities are central to our mission as a Catholic community enabling us to put our “faith into action” and make a difference in the world. 


Caritas Australia is the Catholic agency of international aid and development. The Latin word Caritas means love and compassion - qualities that are central to the work that this organization undertakes. They help people to help themselves, regardless of race, political beliefs, gender or religion.

Marymount College is committed to helping Caritas each year. During Lent, the school community holds a massive fund-raising campaign for Caritas called Project Compassion. During this time the school community raises money through their Pastoral Care groups. The Social Justice Group also assists with raising these funds by organizing activities such as Pancake Day, free dress days and socials. As a community, we aim to join in solidarity with the people in need. Each week during Lent we share a story of someone whom Caritas has helped. The students are invited to give up a luxury during this time of Lent and donate the money that would be spent on this luxury to Project Compassion. 

St Vincent de Paul

The Mission of the St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia is to shape a more just and compassionate Australian community and to share our resources with other countries in need. They inspire their members to achieve this by encouraging them to share of themselves – who they are and what they have - with the poor on a person-to-person basis. Marymount College Social Justice Group has a sub-group called ASAP (After School Action Program). As the name suggests, the group meets after school to focus on projects under the mission of the St Vincent de Paul Society. Activities that the group is involved in include visiting the local nursing home to offer friendship to the elderly in our community, collecting hampers for needy families around Christmas time and on our Feast Day “Marymount Day”.  

Rosies - Friends on the Street

The cold, callous and chilling truth of this world is that there are many who go without. Without food. Without friends. Often, without happiness. The greatest human need is that of companionship and unconditional acceptance, to feel as though you belong to something greater. To feel joyful. 

‘Rosie’s Friends on the Streets’ mission is to offer friendship to create belonging and happiness, in essence, fulfilling the greatest human need. The food Rosie’s provides is to simply spark conversation between the volunteers and the friends on the street. What is most remarkable is that the stories of the patrons that visit Rosie’s van are so energetically told, and vibrantly presented, that you can’t help but share a smile. Unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings with smiles, but they are stories that need to be told, stories that need a friend to listen, to be heard. Most people never really get the chance to sit down and get to know a homeless person, but every homeless person is just a real person like you or me, they just have a different story. Let’s take a seat. You can show me some of your memories, and I’ll show you some of mine. Friendship. 

Jackson Lake
Year 11 2018


Our club members have described what Interact means to them: “Interact is a way to meet like-minded people; it’s wonderful to be a part of a supportive group; it builds confidence, teamwork, commitment and responsibility. Most importantly, it just feels fulfilling to be able to help less fortunate people, even in a small way.”

Interact is a student-run club with the primary aim of giving back to the community.  We achieve this by assisting those in who are in need locally, nationally and internationally through fundraisers and by volunteering our time to visit people in the local area.

We began the year with fundraising for Caritas, assisting communities in third-world countries. An amazing $650 was made by holding a bake sale. Our members were awesome in helping to make posters, advertise and sell. We decided to continue the fundraiser into Term 2 and raised $300 for Rosies, an organisation that helps the homeless on our Gold Coast streets. $470 was raised from holding a Mother’s Day stall and these funds went towards our school’s next trip to East Timor. During the Summer months, we sold ice-poles to add to the funds sent to these organisations. 
Our focus in Term 3 was to support The St Vincent de Paul Society. We held a raffle with many amazing prizes that were kindly donated. Additionally, many of our members took part in the annual Vinnie’s Sleep-out. For Term 4, members were involved in supporting Catholic Mission through fundraising during our school’s ‘Odd Sock Day’. Students and staff also enjoyed our regular visits to the elderly at Ozanam Villa, and to Families Back on Track.  It is very humbling to see how much our visits are appreciated.

Amy Thompson 
President, Interact Club 2018

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