International Women's Day 2019


International Women’s Day Student Leaders Forum at HOTA

We emerged from breakfast beaming with pride and positivity. Eight Marymount girls from Years 11 and 10 represented the College to learn and be inspired. We may envisage people in our community achieving their success easily, but often it is the individual’s vision, perseverance and determination through adversity that is at the core of their achievement. The relevance of our experience is captured within the following comments:
The event was an amazing experience with the inspirational and strong women that attended; our peers and the guest speakers made me realise my own potential. One thing that I took away from it is to not be afraid to do something a little differently.
Carly Griffith (Year 11)
International Women’s Day helped me realise my own potential and all I can achieve if I put my mind to it!
Jessica Loring (Year 11)
The conference was an eye-opening experience which allowed me to be fully aware of the opportunities that are up for the taking; it encouraged me to truly better myself in all aspects of my life, especially those that fulfil me with joy.
Sophie Roiter (Year 11)
The International Women’s Day breakfast was an experience I am glad I was invited to attend. The message that has resonated with me is that there is no goal too big to have and strive to achieve.
Emily Crilly (Year 11)
I found the morning overwhelmingly inspirational. It also left me with a newfound clarity and confidence that I didn’t have before. I am extremely grateful that I was able to be part of this breakfast.
Elizabeth Jeffries (Year 11)
I love how we got to hear everyone’s opinions and questions on different career choices, and I was very inspired by the different stories that were told. The message for me was that anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it.
Mia Britton (Year 10)
The occasion was extremely empowering. It was such an amazing honour to attend such a prestigious event, surrounded by so many incredible, inspirational women. The main message for me was that if you surround yourself with the right people who support you and believe in you... you can do anything!
Isabella Dean (Year 10)
One thing that stood out for me is that no matter what, we have to surround ourselves with people with the same beliefs and goals. One of the speakers said, “You can’t fly with eagles if you surround yourself with turkeys.”  I will forever remember that with my friends and family.
Megan Stapleton (Year 10)
Thank you to all the girls for their open minds and enthusiastic embrace of new ideas. Special thanks to Ms Cathy Cooper for accompanying us.
Irene Scott
Assistant Head of Year 11

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March 8 – #Balance for Better
A balanced world is a better world.  The theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world.  

In Cambodia, 48% of rural women are illiterate, compared to 14% of rural men.  The distance to schools in Pakistan directly influences girls’ enrolment in education, and data from 68 countries indicates that a woman’s education is a key factor in determining a child’s survival.  It is clear from these statistics that we have some way to go to helping women around the world.  

Our very first International Women’s Day event raised awareness of the opportunities in STEM fields for women. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, where only 17% of the current graduates are female.  

Emma Haynes, Systems Engineer at Boeing Defence Brisbane, spoke of her experiences and journey to her current job, encouraging the ladies present to consider a career with a difference.  Emma brought along Zoe, a current STEM ambassador student to also share her experiences of studying STEM with the girls.

The morning was uplifting and affirming for both the mothers who attended and the students who supported the event.

Do you know of someone who you think would be inspiring for our girls?  
Suggestions for 2020 speakers gratefully received – please contact

Kylie Mathers
Head of Technologies

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Connecting and Empowering Women Leaders 

Our senior female students have recently participated in a two-day summit in the lead up to International Women’s Day. 

The summit gave some of our senior business students an opportunity to engage with inspiring and successful women business leaders such as Hetty Johnston OAM – founder and executive chair of Bravehearts Foundation Limited, to Kylie Boucher – managing director Channel Nine QT, NBN. 

The summit encouraged our future leaders to participate in breakout sessions with industry experts. We heard from women who have struggled and dug deep to find their foothold in the changing world of business. 

The big focus was certainly the world of entrepreneurship and what this means for future women in business. The key idea is how our young students will need the skills to balance business with the responsibilities of leadership.

Our students were challenged to consider how they will use their creativity and spark to contribute to their future. They were asked to consider the sacrifices of the women leaders who came before them; their strong aunts, mothers and grandmothers who worked to raise this generation on to their shoulders and when their turn comes, what young women will they raise to stand on their shoulders? 

How will our next generation build a more connected future for women in business in the years to come? This is a big responsibility for our current students in business, and one that they are certainly keen to be able to rise to the challenge. 

Beth O'Malley
Assistant Head of Year 12

Queensland Women in Business Summit

At the end of week 6, six female Year 12 Business Management attended The Queensland Women in Business Summit for International Women’s Day.

The six of us got to be a part of this eye-opening conference and listen to amazing women with big ambitions and incredible achievements. Over the two-day conference, we were encouraged to set goals, to surround ourselves with passionate people and to think positively. We learnt that sometimes we just have to sit back and listen to what is going on because listening to others can get us a long way. The summit was a time to focus on our energy levels and also time to reflect and work on ourselves. I personally felt really inspired by the women that spoke at the summit and a quote that really stood out to me was “to lead and succeed you must have belief in your potential and then capitalise on it.” Most of all, personally what I found really important was that we, as women, need to follow our dreams. We shouldn’t have to fit into a cookie-cutter life. It is our life – grab it with two hands and be happy. 

Eliza Rohana
School Captain

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