MFest and Have a Heart Day

 MFest & Have a Heart Day 2019

Thanks to Briana Briski, Bryn Larkin, Ashlin McCabe and Jessica Stenner for photos

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M Fest was amazingly entertaining, just like last year! This year, I had the privilege of playing with the Junior Rock band as a keyboardist. We had a great time performing four songs we had been rehearsing since last year. It was awesome seeing so many students enjoying the various solo and group performances. A big Thank you to all the performers and the music teachers’ efforts!
William Nguyen
Year 8 Insider
Over the course of three days last week, Marymount College’s break times were transformed into some highly accomplished talent. As a spectator, the experience of my final ever M Fest was incredible. If you are a great singer or you play an instrument, I would encourage anybody to join in M Fest 2020!
Ben Crilly
Year 12 Insider
Hearing talented people sing, play or perform all week was really enjoyable to listen to. The bands had a good taste in music and sounded great. The singers, whether it was with a friend or solo, were all spectacular and I am overjoyed that we have this educational music category in Marymount College.
Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider