Year 8 Night of Living History


 Night of Living History 2019

​On Monday 10 June, excited Year 8 students, their parents, siblings, relatives, friends and teachers all gathered at Marymount for the Night of Living History; and what a spectacular night it was. 

Year 8: you were magnificent! The students spoke fluently and knowledgeably, as their chosen historical figure, and were impressive in their poise and confidence.
A big thank you to the Year 8 students who became so engaged in the project and to the family members who helped to bring each child's vision of the night to reality.

Thanks is due to the many people behind the scenes: to the Year 8 teachers - Joy Baird, Garrett Fitzgerald, Tia King, Therese Mullins, Jenna Lidbetter, Simon Rezo, Tracey Sewell and Natalie Stephenson -who helped prepare the students during the research process and for the evening; to Lauren Mitchell and all the staff in the Learning Support Centre; to the library staff Janet Cartlidge, Jessica Lewis and Catherine McCosker for guiding student use of library resources; to Katrina Nicholson and Geoff Brown for their on-going support of this project; to Karen Harrison for the beautiful programme; to Tracey-Leigh Dean and the grounds staff for organising the venue set-up; to Ryan Callaghan for the IT; to Peter Carroll and Cathy Cooper for their support through the Pastoral program, and to Insiders Ashlin McCabe and Ruby Allen for the photography.

Everyone at Marymount was very proud of your sons and daughters, as I know you were, and I trust you all had a wonderful night. Thanks for the hard work and enthusiasm.

Cheryl Fraser
Head of Humanities and Social Sciences
Student Reports

The Night of Living History is a night where all Year 8 students dress up as a chosen individual from the period 410 – 1770 AD, and role play for the night. 

Students are to research information on their chosen character, dress up as their character, write and memorise six questions and answers about their life, and create decorations to put on their table and board for the night. I chose to be Queen Elizabeth, as there was a great amount of information on her, and her background interested me.

I enjoyed every aspect of this assignment. It was different to what I have done before and was more interactive and hands-on. I advise the present Year 7s to put in an immense effort in every phase of the task next year because if they do, they will have an amazing time.

Lily Kinloch
Year 8