Opening Liturgy

 Opening Liturgy 2020

​​Our Opening Liturgy asks God’s blessing on all of us as we embark on our journey into the 2020 school year, we welcome all new students and staff to the College community and we commission our Year 12 students and student leaders and express our hopes for them as the leaders of the College. 
All Year 7s and other new students and staff are gifted with the Tau, the symbol for all Franciscans. This T shaped cross has ancient origins, is the last letter of the Greek and Hebrew alphabet, it is mentioned in Ezekial and became important for Christians as a reminder of the cross of Jesus. St Francis was so taken with this symbol that he adopted it as his own signature and painted it on the walls and doors of his home. The Franciscan habit itself is shaped like a tau when the arms are stretched out. 
This little icon connects us with the story of Marymount College since its founding staff were The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception 52 years ago. Our College Prayer, The Peace Prayer of St Francis and our motto are also Franciscan. Deus Meus Et Omnia  -My Lord and My God, was the constant prayer of Francis. Our students pray and reflect on the aspirations of the Peace Prayer often and the song is replete with images directly connecting us with our faith, our story and our place that we may imitate the prayer of St Francis in our lives and become the best people we can be.
Find Your True North, the theme which our Year 12 Leaders adopted for this year, was at the heart of our Opening Liturgy today emanating from  Matthew’s Gospel in which Jesus asks us why we worry so much about clothes and what we wear and possessing things and what we look like and so on. He asks us to consider the birds and the flowers in the fields in all their beauty and how God provides for all of these and He reminds us of how much greater that  God’s love is for each of us...The 1st reading from Peter‘s letter encourages us to moral excellence and self-control, perseverance, brotherly kindness, Godliness and love. These sentiments echo the Peace Prayer completely. 
Thanks to Padre Morgan Batt for celebrating our liturgy with us today. Thanks to all staff, students and ancillary staff for their contribution and support for our liturgy.

Dolores Maitland