College Captains 2020

​College Captains – Harrison Dean and Sophie Roiter

As College Captains, our ultimate goal will always be to represent Marymount with respect and dignity, whilst working towards improving its amazing community. While away at our leadership camp last December, through combined team effor​t, we were able to solidify a College theme for 2020. This theme was constructed with the hope of being able to embody not only our own personal hopes and visions for the year but also across the Leadership team, Year level and in fact the entirety of the College. The theme — ‘Find Your True North’ — inspires both a collective and individual sense of growth here at Marymount. 
Already, in these first few weeks, we have both witnessed this concept being fostered school-wide - from the Year 7s first day to the Year 12 Retreat.

​Vice-Captains - Thomas Browne and Halle Geyer

We are both incredibly excited for the year ahead and the opportunities that are available to every Marymount student - if they wish to grab them. Already in the first three weeks, the leadership team have created an outline of ideas that we are eager to implement as we believe they will benefit the students in all aspects of College life. Through the Student-Teacher Advisory Council (STAC), we aim to increase participation in sporting, extra-curricular, and in individual academic pursuits. We trust that this STAC system provides the building blocks to connect each and every Year level while organising the events that are unique to Marymount, such as Marymount Day and Have a Heart Day. Filling these Vice-Captain roles, we understand the importance of teamwork in order to accomplish the many things that we wish to do, as well as to provide a foundation through which all Year levels can trust in, in order to maximise their opportunities. We both agreed to this position with complete knowledge that the year ahead will present a number of obstacles, however, with teamwork, we believe no task will be impossible. In week 2, all Year 12 students participated in a three-day Retreat with each of their House members. This time away from school not only allowed us to connect with our inner selves and get to know each other better but also to build a vital relationship with our teachers. By doing so, we have created a platform for all of the amazing things Marymount has to offer to be as wonderful and effective as in previous years. Once again, we are extremely excited to be your Vice-Captains and can’t wait for the year ahead.
From the Academic Captains - Pierce Greffe and Carly Griffith

Our vision for this year is to have the most productive, fun and enjoyable year yet, and to leave an impact on the Marymount community. We have structured many ideas together and even initiated a few into reality. 

We have started up Maths tutoring - a club where the leadership team of 2020 presently assists (with coordinated times and people) the juniors in their studies. Towards the end of term near due assessment time, seniors attend, which is a thrill to help them out as well. 
The Marymount “Mako’s Matheletes” is up and running this week, with teachers of Year 12 providing their assistance for extra study and revision for Year 11 and 12 students. “Personally, I am super proud of “Mako’s Matheletes;” while planning it with Ms Mullaly was truly enjoyable, I can’t wait to see how it turns out,” Pierce states excitedly.

There are so many competitions and extra-curricular activities that we have been looking into, such as Brain Bee, Opti-minds and Titration. We will ensure these activities are promoted as much as possible, in the attempt to embed STEM into our younger ones (juniors), developing a passion for changing the future!

Cultural Captains – Seamus Harrison and Jennaye McLintock
Seamus and I wish to get more students involved with the cultural life of the College, through the inclusion of more students in extra-curricular activities that are plentiful at the College. 
Our Cultural Signup Day will take place later this term and will be a chance for students to see the expansive and inclusive selection of activities and clubs. Both of us are very involved in the College community, with Seamus being President of Interact, a social justice group at the College and myself participating in debating and public speaking. We are both fortunate to have participated in the Arts life at the College. Upcoming auditions for plays in the Gold Coast Drama Festival, open to all year levels, will be a great way for interested students to meet new people and get involved. This festival is something Seamus and I are participating in this year for the last time. We have both greatly enjoyed being part of the Arts and the Marymount Drama Department. We encourage everyone to get involved. 
Recently, we had great success in our fundraising for Caritas on Valentine’s Day. 
We raised $885 towards the cause - a great start to the year for the College.

Spiritual Captains – Harrie Van Den Broek and Emily Crilly

With the return of the Year 12 students on the 29th January, this was also the start of a fresh chapter for the Year 7s and new students to our community. Harrie and I were fortunate enough to welcome them into our school and it was remarkable to see so many delighted faces. Even for me, my first day of high school was extremely nerve-wracking so it was comforting to welcome all new students to Marymount College. 

The second week saw all Year 12 students travelling to various locations for a three-day Retreat. This time allowed students to reflect on their spiritual journey and where they find God within their lives. It was quite confronting to be given a piece of clay and asked to sculpt our interpretation of God. Even though identifying as a Catholic most of my life, I really struggled with this task along with many of my peers. Jessica Loring, a student at the Marsden Retreat, mentioned that she “struggled with what [her] image of God was, [she] changed the form so many times but it was a real eye-opening experience.” Retreat was an enlightening time and we look forward to following the path that has been strengthened over the three days. Through the celebration of Mass, times of reflection and nurturing our inner soul, Retreat made an impact we will all remember.

Last Thursday the 13th of February, the relics of St Therese of Lisieux and her parents, St Louis and Zelie Martin, were welcomed into the Mary Mother of Mercy Church for a visit overnight. A number of members from the Leadership and Confraternity Teams were privileged to lead in and carry the caskets of these saints. Fellow leadership Lily Sella, described the experience as “a beautiful way to honour these saints and it was a privilege to lead their caskets in.” It really was a once in a lifetime experience which I was delighted to witness. 

Sports Captains – Corbin Zahn and Ellie Beer

The year always begins with a morale boost through sport and 2020 was no different. The level of participation was imminent through the swimming event sign-ups and war cries, and this attitude refused to cease as the school headed to Palm Beach Currumbin pool the following day. There were a number of things that demonstrated the synergy throughout not only Year 12, but the entire school. The vast majority of students had their turn for a swim—right from the fresh Year 7s to the seasoned seniors—where some students merely cooled off, and others showed their skill in the water. Some inspiring performances were seen as seven school records fell in impressive fashion, and the team culture was thriving as the relays closed out the day. 
Both Ellie and I recall a vast number of students reflect on the novelty games that were run on the grass space by volunteer Year 11 and 12 students; we feel that the leadership team succeeded in truly making the Swimming Carnival a spectacle for all wishing to get involved. It was no secret that the House colour passion was alive throughout the entire carnival as the Houses battled on the point score ladder, and there were comments from our many peers regarding the fantastic culture, in and out of the pool. The Spirit Points have been kicked off from our first major sporting event, but those points are more than just sport; they are about getting involved and putting yourself out there in the Marymount community. If the first few weeks are any to go by, this year looks to be one-off enthusiasm, participation, and oneness within the College.
The pirates and sailors hit Palm Beach!!!!
Just touching off with Corbin, I thought the Swimming Carnival was a ripper start to 2020!! I saw so many students getting involved, and it was a great atmosphere to be a part of. Being more of a land person myself, I decided to have a dip in the pool to both gain Spirit points and give swimming a shot. I must say, I actually enjoyed it and might become a swimmer aha! Everyone competed amazingly! Sending a massive congrats to you all. I loved watching you all compete, making me inspired to jump in the pool too!
Looking at the District Swimming Carnival, the results were absolutely amazing! Getting overall, best female and male – WOW!  Again, congrats to you all and big ‘good luck’ for Regionals! I know you will absolutely smash it.
A little note to wrap this up, Corbin and I would love to hear everyone’s achievements both on and off the sporting field. Don’t be shy as we would welcome to hear what you have to say. Everyone should be recognised for your hard work and awesome results.
Thank you all so much and can’t wait to see all of you battling it out at the next sports carnival, Cross Country!! Don’t think I can run 3km’s but I’m willing to give it a go!

Allambee House Captains - Cameron Saliba and Ariann Kirwan

This year has already been a busy and eventful time, jammed packed with exciting new events led by the House Captains, beginning with the annual Swimming Carnival in the first week. It was made a priority by all House Captains to promote inter-house rivalry and competition whilst also increasing participation. The entire leadership team agrees this was a success with the inclusion of many different games: capture the flag, tug a war and sack runs. We were able to increase the competitiveness between the Houses and increase spirit at the Carnival. We hope to continue this goal for the rest of the year with exciting plans for the annual Athletics Carnival later this year!
Allambee House members travelled to Marsden in Brisbane for the Year 12 Retreat. Throughout the three days, we bonded with each other and drew closer as a House. We had the ability to open ourselves up and become a unified group and through many different group activities; we were able to strengthen our spirit and bond. As House Captains, we are looking forward to a great 2020 as we lead all of Allambee to “find our true north.”

​Bulimah House Captains – Gabriel Sobczyk and Jamey Reihana

Our vision and goal for this year is to create more House culture, spirit and involvement in the Bulimah House, and inspire healthy House rivalry. This approach has been worked on, specifically through the Swimming Carnival. It was recognised by the House Captains that often students who are not participating in the swimming may often struggle to find the motivation to be involved in the event. With this in mind, the House Captains worked together to provide games and activities for those who did attend but not to swim. By encouraging the Bulimah House to continue their involvement, we believe we can create a House with a competitive yet fun and inclusive spirit.

The Year 12 Retreat saw the combination of students from each House colour. This created a strong bond between peers in those House colours. Retreat was an enlightening experience and allowed students to step back from busy day-to-day life and reflect. Retreat reminded us that we are in fact entering our final year of schooling, a year that we won’t get back once it has finished. Therefore, we should make the most of it – academically, personally and spiritually; take up opportunities, try our best with everything we do and create a year that we can look back on with a sense of fulfilment.   

From Katandra House Captains – Sefo Lo Tam and Lily Sella

A new decade has arrived and the possibility for stronger school involvement has never been greater. As Katandra Captains for 2020, our vision intends to raise House competition to new heights. In addition to sporting events and extracurricular activities, the House Captains are ready to introduce new challenges to increase House participation and bring about a stronger sense of 'House spirit.’ As we are in our last year of high school, we intend to leave a legacy as leaders who are not only diligent and passionate but also who have tried to strengthen the College from junior to senior years as well as staff. 

Year 12 is a challenging year, yet we are held together by the bonds we form and comfort we develop with one another as a cohort. The beginning of our journey began at Retreat, where we completed a number of bonding and self-development activities by embedding the Year 12s new theme ‘Find Your True North,’ within Katandra House. The theme aims to inspire us individuality, with the help from leaders in our own personal lives. Our goal of bringing House members together, relating and embedding the theme into our own lives, strengthening spirit and our relationship with God, was certainly achieved as we had the privilege to experience it all, amongst the beautiful scenery at Mt Tamborine. 

Karyssa Hart: “It was a really good way for me to get to know some new people and to feel more confident around all the people there.”

We truly hope that 2020 is filled with new experiences, accomplishments and satisfaction for everyone within the Marymount community. 

Patanga House Captains – Ashleigh Allred and Lensa Lo Tam

The year 2020 has brought with it the opportunity for great potential. The potential to get involved, the potential for success and the potential to ensure a memorable, enthusiastic environment to start the decade. Being the Captains for Patanga, our vision stands as follows: to maintain and strengthen the involvement in sporting and academic activities, creating a community deeply engaged in the diverse aspects the College has to offer. The potential for such a vision was demonstrated throughout the Swimming Carnival —a success thanks to every student participating and the staff who made it possible—where each House came together to form a competitive, nevertheless fun and involved environment.

This furthermore took place during the Year 12 Retreat, for which Patanga seized the opportunity to bond and grow together, reinforcing the Patanga community atop Tyalgum. It was here that together, Patangans could connect with one another, as well as with the Year 12s theme of the year, “Find Your True North”; the cohort was given the chance to find their individual identity and the identity of the group.

Overall, as Patanga Captains, we firmly believe 2020 can be a year full of involvement, success, and the strengthening of Patanga as a House – a memorable year where great things can happen; 366 days where great things can be achieved!