Track & Field Carnival


 Track & Field Carnival 2019

​​Our Annual Track & Field carnival was held on Friday 24 May here at the College. It was a great day with many students competing to earn points for their house in not only the traditional track & field events but also in novelty events like tug-of-war and sack races. 

Across the carnival, we had 5 records broken and 2 records set in new events. Congratulations to our record breakers on your great performances:

Shae ROONEY – 16yr Girls 1500m – 5:11.18 secs. Old record 5:19.70 M Fitzgerald (1993)
Jemma STOKES – Open Girls Shot Put – 10.20m. Old record 10.11m A Baverstock (2007)
Ellie BEER – 16yr Girls Triple Jump – 10.37m. Old record 10.19m F Bruhn (1977)
Hayley GRAVINA – 12yr Girls Shot Put – 6.88m. Old record 6.74m A Threlfall (2015)
Max HUDSON – 12yr Boys Shot Put – 9.36m. Old record 9.19m X Patelesio-Faamausili (2016)

Pascalle FOSTER – 12yr Girls 1500m – 5:58.81
Preston DAU – 12yr Boys 1500m – 5:39.49
Pascalle FOSTER – 90ptsDillon HOWELL – 90pts
13yrMillar BROSNAN-BALL – 64ptsMason FIELD – 115pts
14yrLivvy DEVONPORT – 129ptsShaun RILEY – 96pts
15yrMya MITCHELL – 84ptsHenry MELLICK – 114pts
16yrCaitlin LYTHGO – 103ptsLuke KENDON – 99pts
OpenAngela WILLIAMS – 137.5 ptsLuke FRASER – 130pts​


The events I participated in during the day were Discus, Shot Put, Javelin, Long jump, Triple jump and the fun Sack races. 

My house is Bulimah and I wore a blue Hawaiian shirt with flower patterns, a blue Hawaiian skirt, a blue flower necklace and a pair of blue shoes. My favourite costumes of the day were all of the Year 12 students and the other students wearing interesting costumes. The highlight of the day was seeing a lot of students and teachers wearing colours and costumes to represent and support their house. The Athletics Carnival is one of the fun days during the year when there are many exciting activities going on during the day. 

Briana Briski
Year 11 Insider

The sports carnival was filled with fun events from running to Sack races. 

Spending the day with my friends was one of my main highlights. The costumes that were worn were very creative and fun and I especially liked the Simson’s family.

Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider

The Athletics Carnival at Marymount is a great experience. Enjoyable and fun coupled with team spirit, excessive competitiveness and unique costumes, there is something in it for everyone.

I thought I had dressed all out when I came with a green tutu, a green shirt, green gloves, green necklace and even green hair but I was outshined by many amazing costumes and in awe of the effort our students put into their school spirit. There were fairies, ping-pong players, sumo wrestlers and even the Simpsons with their yellow body paint.

I loved hanging out with my friends and supporting and cheering on my team, Patanga. For me and my friends, there was much merriment and excitement when participating in the novelty events as well as the 100-metre sprint.
Halle Wiblen
Year 8 Insider​