Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day, on 14 February, is a day when it is traditional to send a card, often anonymously, to a person you are in love with. 
To celebrate at Marymount, the Year 12 students dressed up as Cupids and went around, delivering chocolate roses to students, sent by their ‘Valentines.’ 
It was very entertaining to see the facial expressions of those receiving a rose, and often times you would hear a little giggle. Many people can’t wait to see what happens in 2021, and maybe I might be lucky and receive a rose myself! 

Hayley Goldsworthy 
Year 9 Insider

Roses, chocolates, cards and lots of love, Valentine’s Day is a celebration to look forward to. It is such a loving and positive experience and a day to watch different people express their affection or admiration for unique individuals. It was so enjoyable watching the day unfold with many students arriving at school holding roses or a gift bag to give to their special somebody. I feel a highlight of the day was watching the Year 12s dress up as Cupids and deliver roses in Pastoral Class.  
Whilst the day was fun and themed with love, it is important to note that the Year 12s raised $885.95 for Caritas with their Cupid roles.

Halle Wiblen
Year 9 Insider

This Valentine’s Day my friends and I took a non-traditional approach in order to share some love. Each of us within our group sent and received a rose. We had the excitement of receiving a rose that was personally delivered to us during assembly, then also felt the joy that goes with sending something special and giving to a worthy cause like Project Compassion.  There was no “romance” to talk of but there was plenty of love and appreciation for each other.

Olivia Keating
Year 8 Insider

Saint Valentine’s day? A day of love, friendship, respect, admiration and kindness? A day of beautiful gifts, roses, and chocolates? Or a day of Year12 students strategically dressing up as Cupid’s helpers? Well, at Marymount College it is everything!
On February 14 Marymount College had a series of visitors—Cupid’s little helpers who were, enthusiastically, delivering roses to the various students who were receiving them. With explicit happiness, Valentine’s Day festivities were carried out and kindness was spread throughout the school with gestures of appreciation. From delivering and receiving roses, to simply telling a friend how much they mean to you, love was in the air! The atmosphere of the College was one of love, joy and explicit happiness. Valentine’s Day at Marymount was truly memorable, and it is beyond rewarding to know that our meaningful gestures of love were ensuring that other people among our community experienced pure happiness. 

Porsha Cush
Year 9 Insider