Vinnies Sleepout

 Vinnies Sleepout 2019

​​Friday 2 August, Marymount held our annual Vinnies Sleepout in the Doyle Centre. 

The Vinnies Sleepout focuses on raising awareness for the homeless and less fortunate in our community.
42 students from a range of year levels came together to raise an amazing $1000 for Vinnies. We all slept on the floor of the Doyle Centre in our sleeping bags, overnight.  It gave us all a real insight into how some homeless people sleep every night and it reinforced how lucky we really are.

There are around 1800 homeless people on the Gold Coast today. This statement doesn’t necessarily mean all of these people are on the streets, but it does mean they can’t put food on the table or they don’t have a bed to sleep in, they don’t have a stable income, they bounce from house to house because they can’t pay rent, they don’t have medical cover like most of us do, and some children can’t even go to school and get an education.
On the night we had a local parishioner, Rex Bransdon, come and talk to us. He has devoted his life to working with St Vincent de Paul. He discussed many things, but what stuck most with me is how we need to keep helping those in our community. Rex‘s work really does help people.  In an upcoming project, 42 new units are being built for homeless young people. We are really so fortunate in comparison to some people within the community, and in being fortunate, it is up to us to make a difference in the world. We should be far more grateful for what we have.

Friday night was not only so fulfilling, but all the students had such a fun time together as well. As a Year 12 student, part of me was worried that this one night would put me behind in my school work.  In all honesty, I couldn’t be happier that I put aside my work to take the time to think about others and spend time with some beautiful, caring students. It was genuinely such an amazing experience and I would recommend it to everyone.  
I’m very thankful for our school and being surrounded by friends and students that care so much about the community. Thanks again to Ms Maitland and Edwin for putting everything together. It was a night all of us will always remember. 
Annabel Groves
Year 12 Insider