Year 10 Work Experience

​​​ Teaching 

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Work experience has been a great opportunity for me and the other Year 10 students to get a better understanding and inside look at a chosen career.  

I had the opportunity of going back to my old primary school and working with the Year 4 children with autism. This put a lot of challenges in my path, but I was guided by my host teacher and was able to work through well.  I learnt a lot about the position of a Year 4 teacher including the intense planning, repetition and running around on your feet all day for these children. There was definitely a lot to do, but seeing the kids have fun or learn something new just made it all seem worthwhile. 

This opportunity definitely swayed my decision to keep on looking into a future career in teaching and I’m excited to proceed down this pathway after what I’ve seen so far. Ashlin McCabe 

I thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience of teaching at Marymount Primary School 

I learnt many valuable skills in professionalism and communication between staff. During the week, I was able to meet the wonderful students of Prep OA, assisting them through their fundamental literacy skills – reading, writing and dictation - and education. Additionally, I engaged as a teacher aide in class organisation with Mrs Henderson and Mrs Aalberts 

Overall, I found this opportunity extremely eye-opening and significant in familiarising myself with my future career path. - Sarah Tynan 

During my week of work experience, I had the opportunity to try new things and live the life of a teacher in a Year 2 classroom at Marymount Primary School.  

I spent some days filing assessments and marking homework, and others playing games and acting out plays. I went through their work on the board, conducted games of Bingo and helped the teacher plan a miniature car race.  

It was truly an awesome week. Throughout the week I learnt that being a teacher isn’t all easy, and there are a lot of hard aspects to the job. It was an extremely amazing week and I am so glad I got this opportunity. It was a very rewarding experience being able to impact young minds and I wouldn’t change one minute of my week.  Isabella Dean

I completed my work experience placement at Somerset College.  

I taught Year 4, with Mr Shane Cowling on Monday and Tuesday and completed the rest of my placement with a substitute teacher, Ms Ellis. All of the students and teachers were incredibly welcoming and supportive, and I was able to feel comfortable in the classroom and around the school. I went to lessons such as HPE, Music, Swimming and Italian with the children and taught them Maths, English and Art and helped them reflect on their first semester. I was able to mark the students’ work and plan and teach a number of lessons.  

My placement at Somerset College allowed me to gain greater understanding of what it is like to be a teacher. - Anita Beard 

​For work experience, I spent the week at St Bridget’s Primary School at Nerang.  

There I used my time teaching physical education and working in Year 6. I learnt many skills which I didn’t even know I had, including using strategies to help students learn, how to build rapport with children, and how to engage children.  

I found the whole experience very valuable and eye-opening for the career I possibly want to pursue in the future. Bailey Sewell 

From St Augustine's Primary School

We have thoroughly enjoyed them being at St A’s. They are all very well mannered, enthusiastic students. 
Our teachers have appreciated their initiative and our children have enjoyed their company and help.
I would like to particularity acknowledge and thank Liam Wildman. We asked Liam to speak at our Learning Growth and Academic Awards Ceremony about his years at St A’s and how his time here has helped him transition and learn in secondary school. 
Liam spoke superbly, motivating our primary school children to enjoy learning and to do their best. 
Several parents commented afterwards, saying that to hear a young man speak so proudly and confidently was a great advertisement for both St A’s and Marymount College.
Many thanks
Lynne Rohanna
Assistant Principal
St Augustine's Parish Primary School

University Research Assistant 

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My experience at Griffith University (Gold Coast campus) was phenomenal. The level of professionalism and expertise that I have experienced over the five days was astonishing. 

Right from the get-go, I was able to observe world-class facilities and world-renowned professors working in their field of choice. This experience has really opened my eyes to the reality of tertiary education and the intricate research that this campus is involved in. Throughout this entire process, I have experienced things such as the analysis of water samples from Northern Queensland all the way to a cloud chamber that assists in the visualization of the subatomic particles that shoot off radioactive isotopes. I have also had the privilege of being able to talk to some of the professors in fields such as biochemistry, quantum physics and perfusion. These various opportunities have sparked my fascination for physics — which I was previously unaware of — and, especially, quantum physics.  

Overall this event was revolutionary for me!  It has completely changed the educational pathways that I was thinking about taking and it has assisted in the development of my proactiveness, persistence, attention to detail and time management in the workplace. Ty Brennan 


Veterinary Services 

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I was given the opportunity to work with the staff at the Pet Wellness Centre in Burleigh.  

My experience was amazing and I gained so much knowledge. Not only were the dogs and cats great to be around, but the nurses and vets had the kindest of hearts. I was given tasks to complete that involved cleaning cages, washing dogs and playing with kittens. The veterinarian allowed me to watch surgeries that removed tumours, cat and dog spays, and animal dentals.  

I was so grateful for this experience and lucky to work with a group of such supportive people. - Alarna Heath 

I had the opportunity to do a week’s work experience at PetDoctors, Palm Beach.  

I was privileged to work alongside some amazingly friendly staff, who taught me many new things. I observed nurses carrying out the day-to-day running of the workplace. I cleaned cages, work benches, stocked shelves and emptied the bins. I stocked needles and syringes and also helped out in the pharmacy. I observed and listened to the vet nurses whilst they explained and prepared for ear flushes, dental services – tooth removaland sedation, and analysed an x-ray of the spine of dog. I learnt how to restrain dogs and even got to polish a dog’s teeth. I also observed two ultrasounds and a spay surgery (removal of the entire uterus and both ovaries).  

Overall, I found this experience unforgettable.  The amount of care the staff put into their clients (the animals) was so beautiful. I definitely am still considering this as a future pathway. Emily Porter 

TV News 

On my work experience week, I had the great privilege of attending the workplace of Channel Nine Gold Coast News.  

The network, reporters and workers were all very welcoming throughout my weeks stay at the Channel Nine studios. Some of the tasks I was invited to participate in included working with the editors in putting together the night’s news footage, assisting the Head of Footage Archives to sort and distribute the footage, as well as driving with the journalists and cameraman to set up and interview people.  

This experience has given me greater insight into what the real working world is like and what future paths I would be particularly interested in once I leave school. This was a fantastic experience and I am grateful for the opportunity. I would recommend anyone interested in film and television to look into doing work experience with one of the local television Channels. My thanks go out to my teachers and Channel Nine Gold Coast News for a great work experience opportunity. Edward Josey 

Child Care 

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I went to Burleigh Child Care Centre for the week of work experience.  

I spent my time interacting with the children, helping set up the rooms and teaching. I read them some books outside, helped out with their activities that had been set for the day, and ate lunch with them. My week was extremely fun and interesting; being surrounded by kids and seeing all their different types of personalities was awesome. It was interesting to talk to the children about their days and the games they play as their imagination is amazing. I was in different rooms and it was great to see how the days are run in each room. All the staff were very nice and helpful throughout this experience.  

Overall, working this week was a blast of fun and very interesting to see how childcare works. It has opened my mind to an opportunity for me in the future.  - Jade Murphy 

I loved working at Jungle Gems Early Learning Centre as it was filled with beautiful and kind people, fun and happy children, and was a great area for children to play and learn new things.  

While I was taking part in this placement, I was working with pre-prep children (3-4-year-olds), and I connected with them instantly. I loved having them around and I’m sure they enjoyed having me around too. I participated in different activities such as playing games outside, planting beans and growing plants, helping the kids learn new words, and just interacting with them for the whole day. 

Although I learnt that this would not be the career that I would choose, I have learnt how different children can act in different ways which can help me in my ideal career choice of Child Psychology. I found the whole experience useful and very enjoyable, and I would definitely do it again if I had the chance. Mia Britton 


Radio Reporting 

During the week at 4CBR I spent my time doing lots of different tasks. 

I listened to Dawn Crichlow speaking about coastal issues and giving feedback to people, much like all the people doing talkback; I also helped write the news articles that were made every half an hour in that hour and also helped write the weather forecast for the midday and afternoon. On Tuesday I actually went on air and gave the weather report for Wednesday and Thursday morning! I worked in the studios and was able to create my own snippet and was helped in editing it, taking out any unnecessary words and adding in music underneath my speaking.  

The main lesson that I can take from working with 4CRB is that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes with sales, finance, news, soundproof studios and production. This radio station is local so it allows an opportunity for charities and organisations on the Coast to get their name out and gain support.  

I enjoyed having this chance to learn about a type of business area that presents a variety of different career paths. I thoroughly enjoyed working at 4CRB for the week because I was able to do something I wouldn’t generally do and it also allowed me to look at various options available to me for the near future.  - Willow Howe 

Golf Pro Shop 

Work Experience was a great opportunity for me to see how the skills we are taught at school transfer to real jobs.  

I worked in a golf pro shop, which consisted of jobs such as selling apparel and golf clubs, as well as cart driving and cleaning, interacting with people, and money handling. These were all skills I had learnt, but never realised how they would help me when it came to a real-life experience. I also learnt a lot of new skills, which included helping customers with apparel, how to use a till, and dealing with customer complaints. The whole experience was really enjoyable, and throughout the week I made new friends, who helped me with all the challenges I faced.  

Work experience for me helped widen my knowledge of career pathways I may want to pursue and showed me how the skills that I learn in school are used in real jobs. Will Ross 

Aeronautical Engineering 

Jared Crowley 1 copy.jpgJared Crowley 5 copy.jpg

I had the opportunity to complete work experience with Plane Support in Arundel as an Aeronautical Engineer.

On arrival, I was given my own desk space with laptop and access to multiple programs to enable me to complete several different aeronautical engineering projects from designing a 3D printed screen mount for a helicopter to an instrument panel for a 172R Skyhawk. I was assigned a project to develop a tap for a Jetstar oxygen tank that will be used in future safety demonstrations. From these activities, I learnt about different 3D modelling software including SolidWorks, ZW3D and AutoCAD.  As well as design, I had the opportunity to learn and work on the manufacturing of various parts including how to hand fold sheets of aluminium, use a fibre laser cutting machine to cut sheet aluminium and to measure out carpet for a commercial Tiger Air plane. Although long hours compared to school, the time flies when you are having fun.  

Overall, this work experience at Plane Support gave me a great understanding of what it is like to work as an Aeronautical Engineer. Jared Crowley ​

Auto Repairs and Servicing 

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During my work experience week at an auto repair shop, I was able to do a whole lot of repairs and services on cars.  

I had the chance to replace oil filters and do oil changes, clean and replace air filters, replace spark plugs, replace water pumps and countless more services with cars. I learnt a lot of things like how to service vehicles, how parts of the engine work and where to locate certain things.  

I found my work experience week to be really helpful and I learnt a lot of things from it as well as what a job in this field would be like if I were to pursue it. Nicholas Graham 


Electrical Engineering 

My work experience week was spent at EMF Griffiths - Building Services Engineering and Sustainability consultants.

In preparation, I was required to do an online course to get my White Card so I was safety aware and ready to go on construction sites.  

I have developed an interest in electrical engineering over the last couple of years but really didn't understand what the day to day job looked like, so I was mentored by an electrical engineer. I was able to sit in on meetings regarding the lighting design of the Jewel high-rise project and was assigned tasks to contribute to my mentor's work, such as compiling plan packs and calculating the total wattage required to power certain areas of the project for the design of power boxes.  

It was a really beneficial week and it has helped me to clarify my goals now. I was thrilled when, on my last day, I was even offered a job for the Christmas holidays, helping out around the office. Lachlan Zidar 



Mr Hamilton told us to think of what we wanted to do when we leave school, find a job out of that thought, and then figure out a way to work at this job for a whole week. 

Work experience! My first thought was writing because if anything gets me interested, its the idea of being able to write whatever I want and get paid for it 

I looked for jobs involving writing, looking for independent authors willing to mentor a 15year old, library jobs and finally journalism.  Sadly, no authors wanted me. And the library wasn’t for me. But journalism caught my eye. An easy week of errands and the benefit of seeing real writers in action.  So, I called the Bulletin, the local news company that came first to mind. It may have taken many calls, emails and trips to the Careers Office at school but, finallythe paperwork came back and too quickly the week arrived.  

Walking into the office I was full of confidence and expectations. Everyone was super-friendly and I was given a whole desk and two monitors to myself. And then I understood why it was so hard to get the placement - everyone was busy and the office was very fast paced, especially in the morning with the release of the newspapers and line up of stories for the day.  No hands were held, no instructions given. It was straight into the pits of work. I was to find a story lead, do some interviews and write an article for the Bulletin.  I thought I was going to be accompanying people on story leads, attending conference meetings or delivering the coffees, but no! I was wrong. Eventually, I came across Saint Lane, the New Zealand-born, Gold Coast-based rapper and wrote an article I was then sent on a story lead with a journalist cadet called Emily to interview the owners of the new vintage-styled arcade in Broadbeach. Here I was asked to interview people and take notes, no sideline learning for me. But it was fun. All of it was exciting and being so productive felt good.  

Work experience made me feel as if I was working in the real world. There was a lot of reality in what life is going to be like after school and I loved it The independence and freedom of having your own workplace is actually thrilling.  Journalism might not be the path I’ll take but the experience has made me excited and motivated for life after high school. Sophia Sweeny ​​

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