Year 11 Retreat

 Year 11 Retreat 2019


Last week the Year 11 cohort all travelled to one of four venues for our Retreat – the Outlook, Mt Tamborine, Marsden and Bornhoffen.  I and 44 others went to the Frederick Marsden Youth Centre which is located about 30 minutes north of Brisbane. 

The retreat was a great opportunity to not only ‘retreat’ from daily life but also talk with other students I usually don’t have a chance to. The whole experience was filled with lots of group activities and exercises which were all successfully designed to make us closer. These included a low ropes course and sharing the meaning of our sacred items with the group. 

As well as these activities, our retreat had a piano and, along with everyone who brought their instruments, we spent lots of time bonding through song. For me, all of this was a way to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person.

Harrison Dean
Year 11 Insider

Recently I went on the Year 11 Retreat to Marsden. Those three days are sure to become fond memories based on the stellar experience I had. 

Our great teachers helped to guide me and my peers through a journey of self-discovery and bonding with each other that has truly brought our cohort closer together. I am so grateful that I have experienced this Retreat and, as a result, have created so many new bonds and friendships to last. Retreat has certainly aided Year 11 to become the best leaders possible for 2020! 

Jennaye McLintock
Year 11 Insider

Mt Tamborine

​Some of the activities that I participated in included the bush walk, the trust exercises, the blindfold obstacle course, the 2 bonfires and heaps more. On the second day, we all attended Mass, led by Fr Padre Morgan, having practised the songs beforehand. 

The highlights of Retreat were having an enjoyable, memorable experience, all of the fun activities, making connections and getting to know other students and teachers. The dress-up night was really fun. The theme for the night was ‘sport’ and I dressed as a karate girl by wearing a karate outfit, a pair of white socks, my rose gold Nike slides and a red belt.

During Retreat I made closer connections to everyone in the group and especially the girls that I stayed with, in the cabins. I also enjoyed hearing a lot of the interesting stories from the students and teachers when they spoke about their sacred items and what they meant to them.

Briana Briski
Year 11 Insider

On Retreat at Mt Tamborine, we focussed on trust and were given the opportunity to grow both as individuals and as a cohort.

One of the hardest things to do is to move outside your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do or interact with people you wouldn’t normally interact with. And when we think about it, we may know names and faces, but we don’t actually know that much about the people that surround us in our everyday lives. 

If there’s one thing that I’m grateful for that this camp has given me, it is the opportunity to do that – to talk to those in my grade, to know even one more thing about them now than I did yesterday. We also made personal affirmations; I’m sure I was not the only one who really appreciated the things people wrote to me. 

Year 11 Retreat will be, I am sure, one of the fondest memories of high school that I will have.

Shalayne Smith
Year 11 Insider

The Outlook

I had the best time on my Year 11 Retreat!  I was at the Outlook, Boonah, 40 kms west of Beaudesert.

We were fortunate enough to be able to do high rope courses on the first day, which was a fantastic way to kick start our first Retreat. 

To be honest, although I loved all the activities, I absolutely loved Date Night on our final night there. It was just a really fun night where girls and boys mixed more and got to know each other batter. Plus, it was also our themed night, where we all dressed up with the theme of ‘sport’ in mind. 

A huge thanks to Mrs Maitland, Mrs Richardson, Mr Larkin and Mr Fitzgerald for accompanying us and sharing this most amazing experience. Also thanks to Mr Carrol and Mrs Scot for their organisation of the Retreats. ​I honestly can’t wait to do it again next year.

Tara MacDonald 
Year 11 Insider