Year 7 Camp

​​​​​​​​​​​Camp was unbelievable…
There were challenges, leaps of faith, new friendships made and most importantly, we all learnt new things about ourselves. Growing up in modern-day society, most kids our age are glued to screens for hours on end, so Camp was a great way to reflect on all the wonderful opportunities the world has to offer, coming out of our comfort zones and applying our trust in our peers. 
One of the main highlights of Year 7 Camp was definitely growing a stronger bond and getting to know the cohort through trust building and team challenges. 
Camp was a blast, and I look forward to continuing getting to know my classmates better this year!

Ruby Allen
Year 7 Insider 

I found camp a brilliant experience that I learned a lot from. 

I especially enjoyed activities such as the Leap of Faith and the Giant Swing, as they helped us build team skills as a pastoral class and helped me to build more trust with my classmates. I also learned various skills which I had no idea I needed. 
In conclusion, I think Camp was a great experience and I look forward to bonding with my peers further in the future
Alexander Francis
Year 7 Insider

While we were at Year 7 Camp at Mapleton we had many amazing experiences. 

For me, the best part of Camp was learning about bush skills. In bush skills we learned how to make a fire and cook damper. At Camp, I made at least four new friends during activities, in my cabin and at meals. I participated in many activities including bush skills, the Flying Fox, orienteering, canoeing, the Giant Swing, rock climbing, archery and the Leap of Faith.  After camp I have now begun to feel differently about my grade and how I trust them. Many of my peers encouraged me through camp and gave me compliments during activities. In conclusion, Year 7 Camp has given me opportunities to get to know my peers, spend more time with my friends and to feel good about my achievements.

Stephie Josey
Year 7 Insider

Year 7 Camp was super fun! My favourite activities on camp were canoeing and the Giant Swing!

I love the adrenaline rush of the swing and canoeing was just all-around fun! I participated in all the activities, even if I was scared (like when I was 15m high in the air!) I made friends with some of the people I didn’t already know in my cabin and got closer to the people I did know. Although some people didn’t like the food, one main thing is that I have bonded with some people in my grade who I wouldn’t have known before.

Molly Attrill
Year 7 Insider

I always knew that camping was fun with family but going on a camp with your whole year group was on another level!

Marymount Year 7 travelled up to Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast for their first high school Camp. 
For me, the best part of Camp was definitely all the activities. Canoeing was my favourite activity and was great fun. Trying to keep the canoe going forward and not capsizing was a challenge in the pouring rain! It was hard at the start to manoeuvre the canoe because my partner and I had never been canoeing before. We laughed so hard at our attempts at trying to steer the canoe in the right direction! I made so many new friends at Camp who are not in my pastoral class. I feel more settled in high school now. I would like to thank all the teachers for making our Year 7 camp possible.  We appreciate what you do for us. Camp was so much fun for all and a great bonding experience.

Emily Archer
Year 7 Insider