Year 9 Reflection Day


 Year 9 Reflection Day 2019

​​For the past two years, Reflection Day has been something I look forward to in the term and this year was no exception. 

Year 9 Reflection Day 2019 was a blast! At the start of the day, we all gathered in the P&F to learn what we were going to be doing today and how we were going to get there. We then got on our buses and headed towards Bond University. Once we arrived at Bond Uni, we walked to the function room where we would spend the rest of the day.

We were greeted by Michael Fitzpatrick and then we started our first activity which was finding a partner we did not know very well. We then had to tell them a little bit about ourselves and we had to get to know them. The activities that followed were very beneficial as we had to reflect on how we could be better people and better students. There was a lot of laughter – especially when we had to dance. I really enjoyed the day and it was definitely a success.
Charli Ackerman
Year 9