Arranging a Placement

It is important that a student (with support from a parent/carer) secure their own placement, where possible. 

Students gain experience from this, which builds confidence as it is similar to applying for a job.

The employer will want to speak to the student over the phone, or possibly meet them. This helps the work experience provider discover:

  • what the student aspires to be 

  • what they hope to gain from the experience

  • what specific part of the business is the students' key area of interest

  • how much experience they have (if any) 

Hours of work

While it is optimum for the student to experience what it would be like to work in a full-time capacity, sometimes this is not convenient for either party. Work hours need to be discussed; this is negotiable between the student and the provider. 

The student should discuss transport possibilities to and from the placement with a parent/carer prior to contact with a possible work experience provider and then the student can advise the available hours they have for the placement. 

Work Experience Agreement

If the provider approves the placement then the Work Experience Application Form needs to be completed so that a Work Experience Agreement can be prepared.

All work experience requires a Work Experience Agreement (WEA) so that the school can provide insurance coverage for the student while on the placement.  This can be requested through Terri Webster ph: 5586 1073. 

Helpful Tip 

When procuring a work experience provider ALWAYS think of family friends or relatives first that may be working in or associated with an occupation of the student's interest. Family friends and relatives are always keen to maximise the opportunities to provide the best possible experience. 

Also, and most importantly, if you are needing guidance or are experiencing difficulty with trying to find a placement please contact Terri Webster  ph: 5586 1073.