Career Development

Cover letters
Cover letters are a teaser to give a prospective employer the enthusiasm to want to read your resume before anyone else’s.
This is a great link to access more information to make yours stand out above all others.    
How to write your resume
How to help your resume rise to the top when recruitment consultants are short-listing:​
Students that are studying certificate courses should include these on their resume. The three qualifications that Marymount deliver are; Certificate II in Business, Tourism and Hospitality​
Students who complete a School-based Traineeship while at school will have this appear on their Senior Certificate and should also include the qualification on their resume​
Never under-estimate the attributes that can be gained by time spent doing hobbies and/or sport as they can provide a wealth of knowledge, experience, leadership and mentoring capabilities eg: Surf Lifesaving promotes; team work, lifesaving skill, first aid, water safety, duty delegation, quick response to emergency situations, decisiveness etc
Do work experience so that it can be included on your resume
  • Keep your resume succinct and relevant, so only include work experience that is relevant to the role

  • Your resume can change from time to time, make sure you update it when:

    • you have referenced the year you are in at school and gone up a level

    • if you have completed relevant work experience in a role you are applying for

    • if you have a change of contact details 

    • if you have competed a course or qualification ​

  • If you do community or voluntary work include this as it highlights to the employer that you are a caring individual and a team player. Take advantage of the many opportunities that Marymount offers in this area


Job Interview Tips

Interview Preparation 


A Guide for Young Workers

Keep an eye out for opportunities in the students chosen vocation like SATs, scholarships, early entry programs, networking to attain possible internship contacts &/or networking opportunities
Aim to get the best OP/Rank to ensure a good Uni placement, to do this work hard and achieve the best results you can out of every subject
Community/volunteer work speaks volumes about you as a person. In addition to the attributes mentioned in the resume section it also can have you appear an obvious choice for a leadership role (not only at school but University and beyond). People might provide a job opportunity to you based on your involvement/experience in a particular area. It can provide valuable networking opportunities, it is a great way to be seen and remembered for your role in an activity and it could also give you an edge in opportunities like scholarships etc when applicants are being shortlisted. 

Build your Profile

As Year 10 students begin their journey to finding their future career, we thought this was a great opportunity to provide some tools and resources to assist in this process:  'Your SET Planning Toolkit' should assist with career guidance.

There are many resources out there to assist students in finding a career. MyFuture (website) is a great tool that allows students to explore lots of different careers and the qualifications required. Through this tool, students can build their profile, including their interests, skills, values, education and much more. This process starts with a simple activity which prompts students to think about the things they might enjoy in the world of work. Check it out here.

Myths of Study
Are you aware of the myriad of ways you can study these days? Check out Nick's myths of study where he talks about his experience with university and the different things he has learnt along the way. As Nick says 'there is a kiddie pool sized amount of ways to study just waiting for you'.