Pastoral Care

Students are supported and challenged at school. Heads of each Year Level, work closely with Pastoral Teachers and with the Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal Pastoral to provide this support and discipline. This pastoral team works to achieve a respectful balance. 

Pastoral Care Structure 

Students are assigned to pastoral groups, of up to 26, and a pastoral care teacher. The pastoral group starts each day together for roll marking, daily notices. The presentation of notes for absence/illness/lateness/early departure happens at this time. While telephone advice is appreciated, parents are asked to back this up with a written note in the Student Record Book to keep attendance tight and ensure the pastoral teacher is aware of what is happening. The pastoral group and the pastoral teacher is the first and most significant means of providing for the care of students. 

Student Leadership 

Student leadership is strongly promoted throughout the school and this is especially evident in the training provided to student leaders, and in their valuable contribution to student life. It is also reflected in the Student-Teacher Advisory Council (STAC), the body through which our Year 7 to 11 students make their contribution to school life including the STAC Cup. 

Peer Mentoring Program 

The Peer Mentoring Program involving Year 11 volunteer mentors working with Year 7 students continued this year. The younger students appreciate the support and respect of the older students and the senior students welcome the chance to have responsibility.

Student Behaviour Support

The College Student Behaviour Support Policy, which includes our Anti-Bullying Policy, ensures open, transparent and accountable practices and procedures in supporting student learning and addressing inappropriate student behaviour.

The Responsible Thinking Process devised by Ed Ford ensures most students resolve issues without parent or administration intervention. The process and key staff including, Miss Jodie Young, Mrs Terri-Lea Johnston and the Pastoral Coordinators, support students who need help. Many students never do. Those who do quickly work out what the expectations are and how to resolve issues with their teachers when they have a problem. A small number of students struggle and parents, Pastoral Coordinators and Administration have to become involved.

Certainly, we believe the tone of the school reflects good relationships and very effective processes in providing high-quality pastoral care and support to our students.