Rosies Friends on the Street

Rosies Friends on the Street.jpg

The cold, callous and chilling truth of this world is that there are many who go without. Without food. Without friends. Often, without happiness. The greatest human need is that of companionship and unconditional acceptance, to feel as though you belong to something greater. To feel joyful. 

‘Rosie’s Friends on the Streets’ mission is to offer friendship to create belonging and happiness, in essence, fulfilling the greatest human need. The food Rosie’s provides is to simply spark conversation between the volunteers and the friends on the street. What is most remarkable is that the stories of the patrons that visit Rosie’s van are so energetically told, and vibrantly presented, that you can’t help but share a smile. Unfortunately, not all stories have happy endings with smiles, but they are stories that need to be told, stories that need a friend to listen, to be heard. Most people never really get the chance to sit down and get to know a homeless person, but every homeless person is just a real person like you or me, they just have a different story. Let’s take a seat. You can show me some of your memories, and I’ll show you some of mine. Friendship. 

Jackson Lake