Leadership Process Comes to a Close

The Leadership Process began in Week 1 when the cohort explored leadership qualities and activities from the Pastoral Program.

During a year-level meeting, servant leadership and the process was explained. Nominations followed and were approved by College Leaders and Heads of Year. From there, the many successful candidates delivered a speech to their peers and staff. The voting was opened, and Year 11 students and staff had five days to cast their votes.

To determine the 20 successful leaders of Marymount College for 2023, the following criteria were considered:
  • Applicati​on
  • Attendance
  • Speech
  • College involvement and spirit
  • Votes
From there, eight candidates ran for School Captain. This entailed another speech, this time to the entire College, and an interview with College Leaders and Heads of Year.

The eight candidates reminded us that we are inspired more by authenticity and humility than by dazzling skills and tricks. Jesus said little about leadership, he simply modelled it by servicing others.

We were blessed to have a high-calibre group of Year 11 students who nominated to be part of the leadership process for 2023. We thank them for being brave and vulnerable–they entered into a process where they knew they may not be successful. This shows wonderful courage. 

Congratulations to our College Leaders for 2023.