Campus Ministry

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The Campus Minister has the primary focus of companionin​g with the students as they journey through school towards adulthood. This presence within the school seeks to encourage the students to b​ecome involved in activities that promote faith formation and development.

The Campus Minister works with the students, teachers, support staff and members of the school community to:

  • Provide pastoral and spiritual support to students​
  • Create opportunities for faith development of students
  • Advance the religious life of the school community
  • Foster the experience of Catholic community within the school
  • Engage the school community in social justice and social action
  • Encourage and facilitate connections with the church and faith communities

The role of the Campus Minister is in line with the Evangelising Mission of Schools that hopes to give the students an understanding of what drives us as a Catholic community. As Catholics we seek to embrace the person and vision of Jesus Christ.

With this vision in mind we aim to build community with God and others and engage in Christ’s mission in our world. It is our hope that in attending Marymount College the students not only feel capable of achieving to their full potential but also feel empowered to make a difference in the world.