Medical Forms

School and Early Childhood Service Exclusion Direction​

From 29 March 2020 to the end of the COVID-19 emergency:

  • If a child is considered sick by a principal, teacher or staff member, they are to contact the parent or guardian and request they come to collect their child

  • The parent or guardian must collect their child as soon as possible

  • The child cannot return until the end of the contagious period or when they don’t have any signs of illness.

For full details, read the School and Early Childhood Service Exclusion Direction.​

​​​​Anaphylaxis & Allergy Medical Forms

​​Anaphylaxis EpiPen Red Action Plan 2020​

Anaphylaxis Allergic Reactions Green Action Plan 2020​

Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan - Dept of Health Australian Government.pdf

Diabetes Medical Forms




Epilepsy Medical Forms

Epilepsy Management Plan.pdf

Administering Medication Forms

Medication to Students - Auth to contact medical practitioner - Form - App 2.pdf

Medication to Student - Medication Request - Form - App 3.pdf

Medication to Students - Individual Health Care Plan - Form - App 4.pdf 

Timeout Exclusion Poster.pdf

Viral gastro Flyer.pdf

NRL Forms