Public Speaking


The College debating program continued to grow in 2018 with 11 teams comprising 46 students entered in the Gold Coast Debating Competition. Participation from the Year 7 cohort was particularly impressive, with a strong group of 13 students performing well in the new Year 7/8 ‘practice’ division. Along with a team of new Year 8 debaters, these students demonstrated a skill and enthusiasm that we expect to flourish in the years to come. Our other seven teams also had successful seasons. Three progressed to the finals series: Year 12 Team 2, who progressed undefeated; and Year 11 Team 3 and Year 10 Team 1, who both progressed to Quarter Finals before facing narrow defeats. Well done to all 2018 participants – we are looking forward to further growth in 2019 and beyond.

Miss Janie-Marie Burgess
Debating Coordinator


Bond University's Faculty of Law conducts an annual mooting competition involving student representatives from secondary schools around Australia. The competition has expanded from eight schools in its inaugural year of 1989 to current numbers of well over 120 schools. It is the only national competition of its type. It is not only intended for those students who are interested in a career in law - although they will undoubtedly find the competition to be of particular interest - but for all students keen to expand their horizons.

Public Speaking

In 2018 Marymount College students have again been at the forefront of Gold Coast students participating in public speaking competitions. Early in the year, six Marymount students entered the Lions Youth of the Year Quest, which not only focuses on public speaking ability but also on cultural and leadership achievements.  

Five students represented the College in Rostrum Voice of Youth. The RVOY speaking competition, which has been conducted by Australian Rostrum since 1975, is aimed at developing the communication skills of the youth of Australia. It provides the opportunity for our future leaders to practise their public speaking skills and for the community to recognise those with outstanding ability. The competition is open to full-time secondary school students throughout Australia who meet the age criteria.

Mr Bill Bruce
Public Speaking Coach​