Our Tuckshop is now cashless. Students can use their EFT card and tap and go, or parents can pay over the phone.

20200522 Tuckshop Price List.pdf

Students can purchase healthy, nutritious food from the Tuckshop each day during Recess and Lunch.

‚ÄčOrders for sandwiches, rolls and wraps are placed by writing in an order book located at the Tuckshop during recess.

Two vending machines are located adjacent to the Tuckshop, for students wanting to purchase drinks or other items.


The Tuckshop is always looking for volunteers, so if you can spare one day a week, a month, or a term please contact Mrs Maher or Mrs Viney on 5586 1077.  or email info@marymount.qld.edu.au if you are able to offer your assistance.

Tuck shop volunteers are always welcome. Vouchers ($10) are provided for each day volunteered in the tuckshop as a token of our appreciation.