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As a Catholic College, we aim to create a community based on Gospel values and attuned to the teachings of the Church.  We promote knowledge, inspire faith and engender co-operation.  Our knowledge is not confined only to secular topics but must extend beyond to deepen our appreciation of spiritual matters and religious traditions.  Through faith, our journey is based on Christ and our attitudes and conduct must be inspired by this example.  Through co-operation and mutual respect, the rights of the individual will be respected while we strive to ensure that all students develop the particular skills and talents they possess. We seek to develop reflective and self-directed learners.

We teach the foundational knowledge for all students in English, Maths and Science for VET Pathways and Tertiary Pathways in the Senior Schools. Through the elective subjects, we provide foundations in other discipline areas as well.

We teach students skills to be investigators, designers, creators, collaborators and to strive to be producers of high-quality work. We promote community values and contribution to society.  

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