RACI Titration

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Marymount College has a long history in the RACI titration competition. 

This year, we had six teams (18 students) initially enter the regionals of the competition which took place at Griffith University. The six teams did Marymount extremely proud with students receiving excellent results. Two of these teams were successful in making it to the very prestigious national competition. One team was a group of three Year 11 students; Lachlan Nesdale, Cameron Saliba and Vinh Nguyen and the second team was a group of three Year 12 students: Conall Crowley, William Galvin and Jackson Lake. The Year 11 students came 1st in Queensland in the regionals followed by the Year 12 students. For those of you who have not heard of the skill of titration, it is a type of volumetric analysis used to calculate an unknown concentration of a certain volume of an acid (in this case). It is a really impressive skill to have! The students spent seven of term 3 weeks preparing for the nationals.

There is a vast difference between the regionals and finals in that the students not only had to calculate an unknown concentration of acid, but they had to accurately make up the solutions, which is another skill in itself. So with this, they had to learn another new skill in just seven weeks. One drop too much water can throw out the results before they even begin titrating. 

A special thank you to Ms Sandra Leu for all of her hard work, ensuring we had enough chemicals and equipment to practice every week. After weeks of meticulous practice, with valuable skills from Mrs Jenny Webster passed on, the students got on the bus, kindly driven by Mr Ken Waite to the University of Queensland. Competitors were given three hours to complete the entire process. Those three hours were spent carefully measuring out and dissolving solutes and solvents. Then titrating, calculating and checking each other’s calculations. At the end, the student’s results were checked preliminarily.

Students from Marymount were each awarded Gold for their excellent results. To get an excellent result, your score must be less than 20, which is exceptional given the scale of what the students were working with. Once these awards were given out, we found out that we had placed 1st and 3rd in the nationals for that branch, but we had to wait another month and a half before we received the overall placement of our teams nationally. 

Overall the Year 11 team placed 10th in Australia (1st in Queensland) and the Year 12 team placed 22nd in Australia (6th in Queensland). The science department, school, Marymount community and I would like to congratulate these students on a massive achievement. It has been a pleasure watching the students evolve at practice week in, week out, and improve over the months and I am so extremely proud your endeavours! Next year our Year 11s will have even more experience and we will hope to bring that to the 2020 competition. I am looking forward to the preparation already!

Mrs Erica Boake
Titration Coach