Parent & Friends Association

​Parents at Marymount College contribute to a Parents & Friends levy. 

The good work of the P&F that we enjoy today goes back a long way. Over 20 years ago the Marymount College P&F, under the leadership of Mr Michael Pahoff, combined with the Marymount Primary School P&F led by Mr Geoffrey Bolster, began a process of political lobbying, scientific research and sustained commitment which resulted in planning and financing to pay for the removal of power lines from the College and Primary School grounds. This was finally realised in 2012. The Franciscan Centre was constructed on the easement that became available to the College and Primary School as a result.

Another major project was the construction of the P&F Shelter over the Tuckshop courtyard. This area and the major new shelter available with the new covered areas and walkways are essential for students. We hope to eventually build a similar scale shelter, with P&F support, adjacent to the new buildings on the upper level of the College.​

2022 P&F Committee

President: Nicole Modini

Vice President: Karen Harrison

Treasurer: David Elmer

Secretary: Sarah Price

Committee: Ross Edgar
Virginia Freebody
Anthony Touzell

Meeting Dates 2022

​​Time and Date


6:00pm  8 February
College Boardroom
6:00pm 8 March
College Boardroom
6:00pm 10 May 
College Boardroom
​6:00pm 14 June
​College Boardroom
​6:00pm 12 July (tbc)
​College Boardroom
6:00pm 9 August
College Boardroom
6:00pm  6 September (tbc)
College Boardroom
6:00pm 11 October
College Boardroom
6:00pm 8 November AGM
College Boardroom

 All parents are invited to attend. ​​