Homework Club

Homework Club is held in the library every Thursday afternoon (except for the last week of each term). It is a great way for students to access support with their classwork and assignments, access the library resources or just have a quiet place to work. Support and supervision is provided by the Support Teachers for Inclusive Education-Leigh Dornan, Maureen Lill, Bianca Zorn and myself.  As the name suggests students participating in Homework Club need to be working on school work. Those who aren’t or don’t have any work to complete will be asked to leave. All students are required to sign in when they arrive (no later than 3:15pm, students are not allowed to leave the campus and then return for Homework Club) and when they leave. Younger Primary School siblings are not permitted to attend Homework Club.  If you have any questions about Homework Club please contact the Learning Support Department.Lauren MitchellTeaching & Learning – Inclusive Education Coordinator
Mentor Teacher Indigenous Students