All Schools Oztag

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Marymount College go from strength to strength in All Schools Oztag campaign ​

Marymount College has a proud history within the sport of Oztag. Oztag has the strongest participation rates of both boys and girls within any sport in the school; this has led to a depth of talented teams. Commitment, enthusiasm and teamwork have been a driving force in the ongoing success of Marymount College in regional and state level tournaments. Along with the opportunity to represent the College in tournaments, students in Year 9 and 10 have the chance to enrol in the Advanced Sport Program (ASP) Oztag subjects. The ASP Oztag program has now been running for five years and numbers are continually encouraging. 

The 2019 All-Schools Oztag Competition was unfortunately rescheduled to an unsuitable date, much to the disappointment of our eager students. Students were hoping to improve on their incredibly successful campaign in 2018, proving that Marymount is the team to beat.  

In 2018, 61 schools and over 2100 players competed in the QLD All-Schools Oztag Competition. In an incredible display of skill and determination, four of our six teams took out first place in their respective age groups. The year 7/8 boys team took out first place in the year 8 competition with a 4-2 win over Unity College. The 9/10 boys team won their grand final with a 6-3 defeat of Unity College. The year 9/10 girls team fought hard to beat Meridan College with a 5-2 margin. The year 11/12 boys took out the top tier final with a convincing defeat of Keebra Park, scoring 9 tries to Keebra’s 3. A worthy mention is the year 12 girls' team who were an incredibly strong team but were narrowly defeated in their grand final to Meridan College. 

All-Stars Merit Players 

The top players from each age category of the All-Schools competition were selected in the QLD All-Stars Merit side. Marymount is proud to present the following students who made the QLD team.   

James Barnes 
Jaykob Brown 
Aidan Bulkeley 
Bailey Butcher 
Xavier Coates (MVP)
Max Crisp 
Montana Dare 
Isabella Davidson 
Chelsea Davis 
Summer Finn 
Cole Geyer 
Halle Geyer 
Jack Hamlet 
Saxon Henderson 
Lily Kolc 
Mitchell McLaughlin 
Josh Munckton 
Joe Nelson 
Jimi Pedlow 
Feviana Pereira Da Costa (MVP)
Jaxon Rodgers 
Holly Sessarago 
Jemma Stokes 

While Marymount College has cemented itself as the dominant Oztag school on the field, those involved with are also intently focused on ensuring the enjoyment of the sport is not lost. Our student work hard to achieve on-field results, but it is also paramount that the culture of a fun, fit and friendly environment is constantly promoted. We look forward to having the opportunity compete at All Schools in 2020 and represent Marymount College proudly. 

Any player who would like to be a part of the Marymount College All-Schools Team should see Mr Geyer, Mr Smith or Mr Sikora.  

Mr Chris Sikora 
ASP Oztag Coach ​