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We embrace the person and vision of Jesus Christ and encourage all to respond to the creative presence of God in the spiritual, pastoral and social dimensions of life.

 Welcome to Marymount College

Marymount College provides a very happy, safe and supportive Catholic school environment to meet the needs of each student. College staff work in close partnership with their families. We offer an extensive range of academic, cultural and sporting opportunities for students.

Students are encouraged to develop personal expectations around their particular strengths and talents, to be involved and to strive for success. Their involvement in the wider College community expands the quality of their experience at Marymount College. Our goal is to help them develop into well-balanced, positive Christian people capable of setting goals in their life and of living thoughtfully, purposefully, and happily, in the communities, they will be a part of in their life's journey.

The College is committed to lifelong and life-giving learning and ensuring the Gospel values of respect, care, inclusivity, forgiveness, faith, hope and love are reflected in all aspects of College life.