​​BCE Connect App

BCE Connect is a handy platform to securely access school and student information, making it easier to stay engaged and informed. All Brisbane Catholic Education schools are available in BCE Connect and the app integrates with the schools Public Website, Parent Portal, Social Media platforms and Google Maps.

Parent Portal and BCE Connect - Setting up your account.pdf


Download BCE Connect App

Favourite Marymount College and select 'Log in' to enter your Parent Portal details. This will enable you to connect to your Parent Portal and view your student's details. 


The Calendar in the Parent Portal and BCE Connect App have all event and activity details for the year. Each family is also provided with a printed College calendar when collecting textbooks at the start of the year, or when enrolling during the year.


The College uses EdSmart to send electronic permission slips and broadcast messages. These are sent to both legal guardians. These messages can also be accessed via the  'Parent Slips' tile in the Parent Portal.

Parent Portal

Support Videos

​What is the Parent Portal used for?

  • School Reports 
  • Parent Teacher Interview Bookings 
  • Announcements
  • Calendar (Tip: Save events from calendar directly to your device calendar)
  • Medical Forms
  • Notify Absence
  • Electronic permission for excursions
  • Staff Directory
  • View Student Attendance
  • Update your details
  • Make school fee payments
  • Access blogs

When can I access the Parent Portal?

Parents will be able to access the Parent Portal 30 days before their child's enrolment commences and for 30 days after their enrolment finishes.

How can I access the Parent Portal?

  1. Via the College website  Select School Portals from the Quicklinks menu, and then Parent Portal
  2. BCE Connect App has a link to the Parent Portal
  3. Fortnightly email has a link to the Parent Portal 

How can I log in to the Parent Portal for the first time?

  1. Select  the blue icon 'Forgotten Password/First Time Log in' 
  2. Click on the hyperlink under the heading 'Parents' beside the text 'First time logging in'
  3. Enter the email address that you have provided the College
  4. You will receive an email with a code to enter allowing you to set your own password

Watch YouTube video detailing first-time access (Note: Marymount College link to Parent Portal is on College website under School Portals on the Quicklinks menu)

What if I can't remember my Password?

  1. Select  the blue icon 'Forgotten Password/First Time Log in' 
  2. Click on the hyperlink under the heading 'Parents' beside the text 'Forgotten Your Password'
  3. Enter the email address that you have provided the College
  4. You will receive an email with a code to enter allowing you to reset your password

I have a child at another BCE School

You will be able to log in to the Marymount College Parent Portal with the same email and password as the existing account you have. You can switch from one school to another from the 'My Schools' tile. The hyperlink to other schools you are a parent at will be on the top right-hand side of the webpage.

What if I change my email?

If you have advised the College of your new email and it has been updated in the system, you will be able to access the Parent Portal with your new email and the same password the next day.

I'm not getting emails

EdSmart emails will usually get through, but sometimes a bulk email will be identified as spam by your email server. Follow these directions to troubleshoot. Email Tips.pdf

I still can't access the Parent Portal - what do I do?  

Select the green icon 'Troubleshooting' and work through the solutions. If you are still having difficulty phone the College on 5586 1000.

Parent Teacher Interviews 

Parent have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher at the beginning of Term 2 and 3 each year.
Bookings are made via the Parent Portal. You will be advised via the College Newsletter when bookings open and close.


From 2019 Marymount College newsletters will move from a weekly pdf to a fortnightly email. Parents and Caregivers will receive an email on Friday afternoons. Newsletters are also available on the website under 'News and Events > Newsletters', on the BCE Connect App and Parent Portal under 'Newsletters'. Please take the time to read this communication so that you are aware of what is happening at the College.

Record Books

  • Weekly use
  • Work habit stamps
  • Teacher comments/feedback
  • Out of class log
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Must be signed weekly by a parent

Reports are accessed via the Parent Portal or BCE Connect App.
  • Term 1 - Progress report  
  • Term 2 - Full report 
  • Term 4 - Full report 
You will be sent a notification email when reports are available. (Note: Year 12 students do not receive a Term 4 report).

SMS Messages

From time to time we will send out an SMS message. If your child is absent from school and you have not notified the office we will send you an SMS to explain their absence. It is important that all students are accounted for each school day.  These messages are sent to the parent nominated as the Main Contact at the time of enrolment. If you require these messages to be sent to both parents please contact the office.

Social Media

If you can't find the answer to your question in the newsletter or on the Website or Parent Portal, please call 6686 1000 or email and we will direct you to the right person.