Public Speaking

As with 2020, opportunities in 2021 for College Public Speaking students to display their talents to a wider audience were severely limited. In two areas, however, our students did shine.

In Lions Youth of the Year, Isabella Dean and Nicholas Ranson were most impressive at club level judgings, with Nicholas repeating his success of 2020 by again winning through to the Region Final of the competition.

In the Plain English Speaking Award, in view of Marymount’s dominance in previous years, the Queensland coordinator of the competition accorded the College the privilege of nominating the public speaker who would represent the state in the 2021 National Final. Subsequently, this honour went to Nicholas Ranson, who proceeded to perform admirably in the Final, which was conducted on-line in early September.
Our congratulations and thanks go to both Isabella and Nicholas for their hard work and obvious dedication.

​Bill Bruce
Public Speaking Coach