Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Success  ​

On Thursday 12th October, 11 students from Years 7-11 competed in the heats of the highly competitive AB Paterson Public Speaking Competition.  Under the tutelage of Mrs Kate Reynolds, the students spent Thursday afternoons in Term 3 preparing for the competition, which required them to create and present a speech to a public audience with a purpose to persuade, entertain, or inform. Topics ranged from the inexhaustible magic of words, to fast fashion, to the greatest social issue of our time   


Impressing the judges with their unique perspective, conviction of ideas, and passionate delivery, seven of our students progressed through to the final of their respective year levels. We are very proud to announce Ruby Allen (Year 11) and Elise Nguyen (Year 8) were named champions of their divisions, and Marymount placed second overall in the competition.  


Fittingly, on the same evening, both Ruby and Elise won prestigious public speaking awards at the College Awards Night. Ruby was presented with the Carolyn Dougherty Award for the most outstanding achievement in Public Speaking this year, and Elise received the Shayne Burbury Memorial Award, recognising her commitment and high-level of achievement in the combined fields of drama, debating, and public speaking.  


Congratulations to Ruby and Elise for their outstanding achievement, and to the following students who represented the College proudly in the AB Paterson competition: 


Year 8 

Elise Nguyen (Champion) 

Grace Shefford (Finalist) 


Year 9 

Helena Francis (Finalist) 

Prince Christoff Sidiangco 

Zara McCutcheon 


Year 10 

Zaya Dawson (Finalist)  

Ruby Stenhouse 

Wynesian Patelesio-Faamausli (Finalist) 


Year 11 ​

Keira Perks 

Alice Lythgo (Finalist) 

Ruby Allen (Champion) 



Mallory Lowe 

Curriculum Leader English