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Do you have strong opinions? Are you a confident and passionate speaker? Can you work well in a team? We want you for debating! 

In October, our Marymount Intermediate B Debating team competed in the Gold Coast Debating Grand Final.  Up against LORDS Lutheran College, our team argued for the affirmative that ‘Children should be further protected from the media’. It was a vigorous debate with LORDS narrowly taking out the win. We congratulate Lachlan Lake, Jack Ross, Ben Edwards, Mason Field, and Alex Francis for their exemplary representation of the College. Special mention goes to our second speaker Jack Ross, who won the Speaker of the Debate award. 
We also recognise the commitment and efforts of our other Marymount debating teams. The coaches all agree that they are a talented group, and we hope they will continue debating in future. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of this competition is how it builds school community. Thank you to the parents, grandparents, and caregivers who have shown their utmost support for the debaters. Their help with driving to and from venues, their conversations around topics, and simply being interested members of the audience, have demonstrated a deep sense of care for our teams which is more valuable than any trophy. 

Finally, many thanks go to our dedicated teachers Ms Jenna Lidbetter, Mr Jack Mitchell, Ms Tia King, Ms Anita Hazell, Mr Tim Rowe, Ms Mallory Lowe, and Ms Rhea Byrne who volunteered many hours of their time to coach. 
Ms Jennifer Gorman
English Coordinator