Code Club special effects workshop

My costume is eerie-sistible.

Whilst diving into film production in Week 4, Film Club students were lucky enough to participate in a special effects workshop. Professional make-up Artists from Laugh Goat Productions assisted students in creating gruesome gashes, bloodcurdling bullet holes and unnerving body bruises. 

Audaciously, students used a range of professional-grade materials such as malleable waxes, liquid and jelly blood and several shades of make-up to create these ghastly creations. The workshop allowed students to get a real taste of the action behind the scenes in making a film. Expertise was shared by workshop presenters who have and do work on set for our local film industry on the Gold Coast.

Animated faces filled the room. There was plenty of excitement and a few disturbed bellies too. Inspired conversations filled Ms Redman's and Ms Conner’s ears as students’ minds stirred with innovative ideas for their next film production.

'Awfully good' work Film Club students!

We look forward to welcoming Laughing Goat Productions back in the coming terms for two more workshops! 

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