Retreats and Reflection Days

​Senior Retreat Experiences

The Senior Retreat Program at Marymount College is integral to the overall spiritual development for the students. The College has placed its resources in providing a three-day off-campus experience for the students. Year 11 is in May at the end of Unit 1 and Year 12 is in the 2nd week of Term 1. A close relationship has been developed with the clergy from the parish in facilitating these days along with the staff from the College. ​

Marymount College incorporates some of the aims of the Marist Retreat program that was developed by Br Harry Prout, of the Marist Brothers. To respond to student's needs in the area of:

  • Self-understanding and self-esteem
  • ​Trust
  • Reflective capacity
  • Critical personal review of one’s Christian position
  • To facilitate exploration and owning of some aspects of the student’s Personal life history 
  • To provide the deepening of faith dimensions of the students’ experience especially in the areas of :
  • Experience of God
  • Personal relevance of God
  • Reflective prayer
  • Liturgies – Reconciliation, Eucharist and prayer services
  • ​To develop the sense of community through the experience of common challenges at more significant levels of understanding and sharing.

The program has been adapted according to the changing needs of our time. The College is appreciative of the generosity of the staff who give freely of their time and expertise to facilitate these rewarding experiences for our students.​

Junior Reflection Days

Students in Years 8, 9 and 10 of Marymount College attend compulsory Reflection Days off campus each year. In a relaxed environment, the students explore many topics and unlock group issues relevant to each year level with Mr Michael Fitzpatrick as the facilitator. Each day concludes with a very special liturgy/ritual together with the students’ Pastoral Coordinator, Religion teachers and Campus Minister. These days afford the students with opportunities to encounter God in the everyday moments of life and in a context that is in keeping with the Religious life of our College. These experiences receive positive feedback and are a valuable part of our curriculum. At Marymount College, prayer forms a central focus for each day – in Pastoral period first thing in the morning and in Religion classes throughout the week. Reflection Days are a valuable means of enhancing spiritual growth as we journey towards appreciating our full identity in Christ.

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