Year 8


​Junior Secondary Programs are developed from the Australian Curriculum and allocations for subjects reflect the National priorities for schooling. In this context, we have six core subjects and some choice for elective subjects. Students will study six core subjects throughout the year: English, Health & Physical Education, Huma​nities, Mathematics, Religion and Science. Selection of subjects by students is an important part of focusing their thinking on what their strengths and interests are. With the majority of study mandated for them, we ask parents to provide guidance but to allow students to make their personal selections from the elective courses.​

Year 8 Subjects

Pastoral Care

Students are assigned to pastoral groups and a pastoral care teacher. The pastoral group starts each day together for roll marking, daily notices, and the return of notes for absence/illness/lateness/early departure.  The pastoral group and the pastoral teacher is the first and most significant means of providing for the care of students. To ensure the development of closer understanding, the pastoral teacher will teach at least one core subject. The Head of Year 8 and Assistant Head of Year 8 is the next level of supervision and care. Beyond this, we have College counsellors and senior administration staff. In particular, the Assistant Principal – Pastoral Care, Ms Vivian Savage and the Assistant Principal Administration – Junior Curriculum, Mr Wes Guthrie.

Reflection Days

Up to two reflection days led by guest speakers provide students with time for reflection, discussion and group activities. These days, within the context of a busy school year, attempt to integrate faith, life and peer culture at this stage in their development.​

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