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A Makerspace is a place for students to freely create, innovate, collaborate​, and problem solve. Students have access to a variety of arts & crafts items, tools and STEM materials to encourage them to become creators and problem-solvers. Usually, the Library runs a Makerspace every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during big lunch.

The Makerspace provides access to materials some students may not have at home, and we hope to ignite and inspire creative pursuits.  Activities last year included making tall towers from paddle pop sticks, trebuchets from straws, light-up Fathers' Day cards and taking apart old computers and cameras to reuse parts.  Students have made yarn heart cards for St Valentine's Day, Computer Bugs, straw shapes, Christmas lanterns – all things that can safely happen in the Library.  Our vertical Lego Wall, to be creative with at breaktimes, has, unfortunately, not been available this year. 
We look forward to seeing students create and make some exciting things in the months to come!​