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​​Marymount College operates a Textbook Hire scheme for all textbooks from Years 7 - 12.

It is the aim of the College to provide the very best available education to our children. Up-to-date and comprehensive textbooks, novels and workbooks are an essential ingredient in this education but do come at a substantial cost. Textbook Hire Schemes are a way of overcoming this expense and now operate in most secondary schools in Queensland. The Marymount College Textbook Hire Scheme cost to parents is detailed below:

An Annual Hire Fee of $80  (included in school fees)
Assignment of your State Government Textbook Allowance to the Scheme
Payment of College Bond

Benefits of Scheme

Benefits of a participation in the Textbook Hire Scheme are:

  • A fixed expense for textbooks and novels each year, regardless of subjects chosen
  • All required textbooks, novels and workbooks will be provided by the College to those students participating in the scheme (no more chasing around for books, covering books etc.)
  • The College uses a variety of workbooks for a range of subjects - students in the Textbook Hire Scheme are supplied these free of charge.
  • Over a period of time, it will allow the College to build up a comprehensive library of textbooks to provide more variety to students
  • Any surplus funds generated by the Scheme will be utilised to provide better educational facilities for our children


During the enrolment process, you will receive an invitation to participate in the Marymount College Textbook Hire Scheme. If you wish to participate in the Scheme it will be important that you complete and return the Agreement together with your College Bond by the due date. This is necessary to enable sufficient time to order textbooks etc.

Further Information

If you have any queries regarding the Textbook Hire Scheme please do not hesitate to contact the Textbook Hire Officer, Mrs Nathalie Dicks on 5586 1087.​