Learning Support Centre


Enhancing Students Learning

The Marymount Learning Support Centre is available to all students to enhance their learning. Through a student’s high school years, short-term or ongoing support may be required for a variety of reasons.  We assist students with disabilities, learning difficulties, non-English speaking backgrounds, social/ emotional difficulties, health problems and even students involved in elite training programs in the sporting or cultural field. The Learning Support Centre is a welcoming place before and after school, as well as lunchtimes.


The Learning Support staff work collaboratively with classroom teachers and academic coordinators to design and implement adjustments to the curriculum to meet individual learning needs.  Assistance is mainly provided through in-class support, but there is some withdrawal as required. We also consult with the College counsellors, Year Coordinators and administration to support the social/ emotional and behavioural needs of students who experience difficulty in this area. Overall, we play a significant part in the College’s student services team that supports students to reach their potential.

Extra Curricular Activities

A number of extracurricular activities are organised through our Learning Support Centre to provide extension opportunities for students who are looking for an extra challenge. These include interschool debating, Opti-Minds and Chess competitions. Having these activities based in our centre ensures that it is seen as a welcoming place for all, not just those needing support with some aspect of their schooling.

Homework Club

Homework Club is another opportunity offered to all students by the Learning Support teachers who open up the library until 4.30p m on a Thursday afternoon for students to access the facilities and provide assistance with their homework and assignments.

Ongoing Support

Students and parents are encouraged to contact the LSC when they have any concerns regarding issues related to their learning.