Chess Club

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The pawns are aligned, the pieces are set, and the games are about to begin! Students from The Marymount Chess Club are filled with excitement to begin their chess games. These games are not just about kings and queens – but rather strategic thinking, making smart decisions and anticipating consequences.​

Playing the game of chess on a regular basis develops thinking skills, improves the ability to think rationally, develops patience and thoughtfulness, increases cognitive skills and improve​s communication skills whilst delivering a combination of education and social interaction. The Marymount Chess Club meets weekly during lunch on Mondays and is professionally coached by a member of the Gardiner Chess Team. Students learn and compete against each other to improve their chess skills. I encourage and welcome interested students from any year level to join the Marymount Chess Club.

Mrs Leigh Dornan
Chess Coordinator 

Chess is a game that requires brains and strategy. It is not as simple as or as boring as some people think. Chess can be fun if you know what you’re doing. Sure, it may be challenging but who doesn’t love a good challenge? At Marymount it is a great opportunity to meet new people and play against experienced chess players that can help you learn. The Chess teacher, Bernie, sets a challenge for the students. This usually consists of trying to checkmate the opponent, which is a skill to be used during the mid and end game. We also learn different moves that can be used to our advantage during the game. 

If you don’t know how to play chess, then come and join the Chess Club. All you really need is the mindset to learn, fail and succeed! With all the experienced and less-experienced players in the club, there is always someone willing to teach you the basics and what the best move is to play. Bernie comes around during games, observing and then gives helpful hints afterwards about how you could use different strategies and moves to improve your game.

Ky & Ania 
Marymount Chess Club Members