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​​On a Friday morning in July, before lockdown was called on the Saturday, 96 students travelled to the Sunshine Coast to represent Marymount College at the 2021 Queensland Oz Tag All Schools.

 Unfortunately, the tournament was called off just as our teams were preparing for or completing their second round of matches. Students were devasted and for some of them this was the second time this had happened after Confro/QISSN was cancelled just over a month ago. 

Whilst all the teams were very competitive and desperate to win, what was more impressive was the manner in which all of the students carried themselves over the two days. They really were fantastic ambassadors for Marymount College and their conduct both on and off the field was first class. The Olympics have reminded us all about the power of sport and its ability to unite people.  Sport at Marymount College is in a great place, providing an opportunity for both boys and girls to chase their dreams and, at the same time, represent the school with pride.  

A big thank you must go to the staff and past students, Mitch Smith, Cole Geyer, Halle Geyer and Feviana Pereira, who assisted in making this possible. As you can imagine, taking away such a large group is a big undertaking, and they gave up countless hours before and after school to run trials, trainings and fill out paperwork in exchange for time with their families.  For many, this was the second or third co-curricular sport they have been involved with this year and their contribution in providing opportunities for students to play sport and represent the college has been enormous. 

Mr Cameron Francis 

Head of Health & Physical Education