Year 10

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Year 10 at Marymount College​

Year 10 is a transitional year to Senior School and is designed to pro​vide a broad, flexible and developmental subject offering to meet the students’ increasingly c​ore academic needs, and allow access to a wide elective offering to meet the diverse interests of individual students moving into Senior.

We teach the fou​ndational knowledge for all students in Religious Education, English, History, PE, Mathematics and Science for VET Pathways and Tertiary Pathways in the Senior Secondary Years. Through the elective subjects, we provide foundations in other discipline areas, some of which will become senior subject choices. Our philosophy is informed by the Learning Framework, Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Brisbane. The overarching goal is to develop reflective and self-directed learners who can shape and enrich our changing world as Catholic Christians now and in their lives beyond school.

Further Information

Year 10 2024 Subject Selection Handbook.pdf