Laptop Program

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At Marymount College the use of Information Communication Technology includes a laptop for each student in​ Years 7 to 12. ​ 

Technology in its many forms has become an integral and permanent part of the fabric of life throughout the world. To be adept at using it, to be aware of its importance, to have the knowledge to use it wisely and productively and to be able to manage personal/home hardware and software are vital skills for life beyond school.

Policy and Guid​​elines

The use of the laptop and Marymount College Information & Communications Technology Resources is bound by an Acceptable Use Policy.

Parents and students are required to attend an information evening where the policy and guidelines applying to the use of the laptop will be detailed. Parents must have read, understood and agreed to abide by the Student and Parent Acceptable Use Policy prior to their son or daughter being eligible to participate in the 1:1 Laptop Program. 


 Students will be issued with: 

  • MacBook Computer
  • Power Supply
  • MacBook Bag
  • Hard Cover

The MacBook computer comes pre-installed with all the necessary software for school use.

Students are to use their MacBook computer for educational purposes only, as outlined in the policy. 

Students have use of the MacBook computer whilst they are enrolled at the College. When leaving the College, students are to return the MacBook computer and accessories in good order.

Technica​​l Support

Students will be given full local administrator rights of their MacBook computer.

Students will be assisted in maintaining their MacBook computer.

In the event of a software malfunction students may contact the College IT Helpdesk for assistance.

All instances of loss, damage or theft are the responsibility of the student. The cost of repairs will incur an excess payment which is payable by the student’s family. Depending on the circumstances, the cost of repair or replacement could be up to a limit of a replacement MacBook.

Student MacBook computers are covered by a three year warranty. This warranty does not cover malicious damage, loss or theft.

Misuse of laptop

The breach of these Conditions of Use will be taken seriously and consequences will be as outlined in the Student Behaviour Support Policy and can include reduced access to the College computer network and suspension from the College computer network.​

Lap Top Program Frequently Asked Questions