Code Club

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We began our year implementing some long-discussed changes to our chapter. It was decided from 2021 onwards, students should be given more control over the future of the club. 

​​This year was the first appointment of our member-elected Code Club Council. Handing over some of the very important responsibilities that are required to successfully run the club and its meetings was something that has taken some getting used to for me!  Alongside Mrs Mathers, I have been coordinating many of the club functions since its formation at the College in 2019. I still enjoy doing this but, since the chapter had grown so much, I wanted to allow me​mbers (some who had been part of the club since the beginning) an opportunity to have input and make changes that reflected their characters and personal interests in technology. Whether it was introducing new members, uploading content to our project pages, or taking down attendance records, our members would like to thank you for your contributions to our club and I am sure you have inspired many students in younger grades to follow in your path and leave the club in better shape than they found it. 

As our club closes out the year, I am very grateful for the sense of community and fellowship created by all our members which has provided a very warm environment in a year of interruptions and uncertainty. I wish all our members the best for the Summer break as we look forward to the potential future of our club with our freshly elected Council team for 2022.

Mr Daniel Cousins
Code Club Coordinator