Interact Social Justice

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Having assisted in establishing Rosies on the Gold Coast 20 years ago, Marymount College has remained dedicated to supporting and being an integral part of the social justice community. Over a thousand hours of student volunteering has been committed to helping citizens access much-needed food, necessities, and company. Already this year, 85 members from Marymount College community have participated in Rosies Outreach, amounting to over 250 hours of service. 


Students have diligently filled baskets with donations for St Vincent de Paul’s soci​ety, run BBQ fundraisers for Catholic Mission, committed to donation days, handed out meals to community members and worked to provide a helping hand wherever possible. From a cup of coffee to a friendly exchange, Rosies has instilled a sense of community and significant growth within our students. This commitment has inspired Marymount to continue to remain a strong part of the Rosies community, for years to come.

We welcome any students who are interested to consider joining and helping out your community.