Laptop Program FAQs

Who owns the device?
Marymount College purchases laptops which are loaned to students for their use.

Haven’t I have paid for the device in the school fees?
No.  A Technology Levy is included in Marymount College School Fees.  This levy helps to cover the cost of supplying devices, software and technology services to students.  

I’m buying the device, why do I still need to return it?
The device has restrictions embedded for college use only as well as licensed software that the College owns.  The settings and software must be removed for it to be released from Brisbane Catholic Education systems.

Can I use the bond to pay for the device?
No.  Bond refunds are processed during December after the end of the school year.

If I intend to purchase the device, why do I need to repair it?
The College has a duty of care to students therefore if the device is damaged, it must be repaired.

Why do I have to pay for repairs?
Apple charge the College for repairs classified as accidental damage, which can include cracked hinges and screens, and liquid damage.  Part of this cost is passed on to parents..

Why do I need to return the power adaptor?
All the items issued to Students must be returned, and in good working order. This includes the original branded Apple power adapter, suited to the laptop model issued.

Why have I received an invoice for a power adaptor?
Parents will be invoiced the cost to replace a power adaptor if it is not returned, or an incorrect power adaptor is returned.

My power adaptor is frayed; does this cost money to replace?
No.  Power adaptors are covered under warranty.   Bring the power adaptor to the IT Department to assess.

I am purchasing the device, do I need to return the laptop bag and cover?
Yes.  Laptop covers are Marymount College branded and remain the property of the College.  Laptop bags are retained for other purposes within the College.

Will I receive a warranty with this purchase?
The existing warranty will expire mid January 2024. This can be extended at your cost within 30 days of the expiry date.

Will I receive my own laptop If I buyback?
Yes, we can ensure that your own device will be re-imaged, cleaned, repaired as necessary and returned to you if the terms and conditions are met by the deadline.

Can I decide to purchase later on?
No, we must release all the remaining laptops to an asset purchasing company, so if payment has not been received by the cut-off date, purchase will not be available.

Can I buy more than one laptop?
No, the offer is limited to one per student who is returning a device.​​

Where are my applications and files?
The laptops are re-formatted to the out of the box state. Any additional applications and licenses are at your own expense. You will be able to login with your own Apple ID to make purchases and use features. Year 12 Students are advised to backup or move any data they wish to retain before the end of the school year, as the school login and data will be deleted.

Can I return it if I change my mind?
All sales are final.  There are no returns if you change your mind. 

Where do I get help setting it up?
Marymount College cannot offer any assistance or support after the sale and collection of the device.
Please consult your nearest Apple store or Computer store for assistance.

When will I receive the laptop?
They will be processed as quickly as possible, and you will be notified when ready for collection.​