​From the Cast of Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde, the musical was packed with loads of fun and unforgettable experiences.
Every student had a smile from the start at camp, to the final bow on stage at HOTA. There were lots of opportunities to make friends and find people with similar interests to you.  

It was extremely exciting to finally perform on the big stage. The musical wasn’t easy, but I would, without a doubt, do the musical again in two years’ time.  

Good luck to our next leads! 

Cassandra Grioli   
Year 9 Insider 

I ventured, to say the very least, a fair few steps out of my comfort zone by playing a role in Legally Blonde, Marymount’s 2019 musical.  

The time spent rehearsing, painting and moving props, and finally completing two nights of almost sold out shows, has been a journey and a half. Though, in saying, every step of the way has been worthwhile.  

A flurry of colour, sound and emotion came to life last Friday and Saturday nights as the cast took to the stage. If not for the endeavours of the directors and assisting teachers, we would never have been able to ‘get this show on the road’.  

It’d be safe to say, Legally Blonde was a hit.  

“Oh My God you guys!” 

Jackson Lake
Year 12 Insider

Marymount College hosts a musical every two years. This year, Legally Blonde has been chosen.

I am one of the Harvard Law students and a Band Member in the musical.  This is the first time I have participated and it is really fun. You meet plenty of new people in other grades and new teachers too. It is hard work, but everything we do will pay off on the night and it is always fun to see how far we have come. 

Mikayla Hopkins
Year 8 Insider​
​Throughout last year and this year, I have been privileged to be in the musical ‘Legally Blonde.’

The story of ‘Legally Blonde’ is about a girl named Elle Woods and her journey as she is accepted into Harvard Law University to follow the love of her life, Warner.  Unfortunately, she is still following Warner after he has dumped her because he believed that she was not smart, and she was too ‘blonde’ to be taken seriously.

This musical is a light-hearted comedy that contains a more serious message underneath the singing and dancing.  The message tells us that ‘judging a book by its cover’ is never wise, as in society today we know it as discrimination and stereotyping.  It also sends a lovely reinforcement to the audience that anyone can do anything if they put the effort in. 

I play the part of a Harvard Law student in this musical and it has been incredibly enjoyable so far. It is my first Marymount musical and I love working with different students that I may never have talked to if I had not joined the musical.

The highlight of the musical to date has been the musical camp. The whole musical family travelled to Mount Tamborine and stayed there for two nights. It was a great way to bond as an ensemble and terrific fun. We rehearsed, played games and even had a talent show!

The musical is hard work however it is remarkably rewarding.  I would highly recommend participating in any future musical.

Halle Wiblen
Year 8 Insider

The Marymount Mus​ical is quickly approaching and the cast is very excited to present it to everyone!

My role in the musical is a Harvard law student, which is really fun! We are told to develop our character: how does our character react to different situations? What’s their personality? Are they ruthless or kind?
During the musical rehearsals, I have made quite a few friends outside of my usual friendship group. I joined the Musical because it was an opportunity to meet new friends and be a part of the school. It has been really fun and definitely worth the hard work.
Siena Todarello
Year 8 Insider
Being in the Musical is a time to show your inner drama!

I look forward to spending time with my friends and my friendly and helpful teachers. Dancing and singing along to catchy songs is not only enjoyable but gives us opportunities to socialise after school.
I am so lucky that the teachers put all of their hard work into the Musical for us. We could not run the Musical without them!
Cassandra Grioli
Year 9 Insider ​​