Year 9 Religious Education

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​​​​​Curriculum Overview

In Year 9 at Marymount College students learn about the priestly, prophetic and kingly work of Jesus Christ in the unit Making Sense of Jesus. They learn about the Incarnation, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus as foundational beliefs of Christianity. Students develop the ability to apply Biblical criticism for the purpose and message of biblical text through the introduction to form criticism and narrative criticism. Through the unit Learning From the Past their understanding, interpretation and use of a range of Biblical texts is extended through the application of the three worlds of the text. Students explore the charisms of Jesus, Mary, St. Francis and Mary MacKillop as they are lived out in the Marymount College community and beyond.

In the unit Let There Be Light students develop their understanding of the experience of sin throughout human history and some ways in which the Church responded to the presence of good and evil in the past. Students learn about the divergent understandings of God (Allah, God, G*d) in the monotheistic reli​gions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) and their common practices of prayer, almsgiving and fasting. They consider sources of inspiration, strength and guidance for believers today, including Catholic social teaching, the three forms of penance (prayer, fasting and almsgiving), Scripture, the celebration of the Sacraments of Healing (Penance and Anointing of the Sick), and personal and communal prayer experiences.   

The unit Restoring The Balance provides the students with an opportunity to explore the level of injustice in the world and to analyse what the ‘calling’ for Christians to care really looks like. Ways in which believers live their Christian vocation are discovered. Students continue to develop their understanding of prayer in the Christian tradition through an exploration of the writings of Christian spiritual fathers and mothers, prayers for forgiveness and healing, Christian Meditation and meditative prayer practices, including praying with labyrinths.