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​Religious Education​
​Our endeavour to provide Christian education in the Catholic tradition is founded on our Religious Education Program and the personal witness of parents, staff and students. We teach students about God, we nurture​ their spirituality and we teach them how to pray. Students learn about the Catholic Christian tradition. They all participate in camp and retreat.

Relationships between students, between students and staff, and with parents, are expected to reflect Gospel values, the gracious abundance of Mary, and the peace and goodwill of St Francis. We want our graduates to be inspired by Jesus' message, and the core Catholic teaching to love God and to love others. We work in partnership with families for each student’s personal growth and well-being, for their own benefit, and for their family and friends, the church and the good of Australia.

We are blessed with generous staff who fully support our reflection days and who staff the three-day retreats for Year 11 and Year 12 Students and the Year 7 Camp at locations from Bornhoffen to Boonah and north to Mapleton each year.

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