Marymount College Route Realignments

Please be advised of the attached important notifications regarding input required for review of Marymount College School Route Realignments.

Kinetic is proposing a new Marymount Catholic College school bus network to meet current passenger loadings & responding to customer feedback by creating matching AM & PM school services with more direct routes creating a more efficient trip to/from school. Kinetic is realigning away from the Gold Coast Highway where students can access a high frequency 700 urban service or the Tram (once constructed).
With these changes Kinetic would like to have a consultation period where we invite your feedback to the proposed changes.
Notices targeting students directly impacted by changes are being distributed to Students via the following Driver handouts:
Please send your feedback or questions via an email to:
We look forward to receiving your response, and thank you for taking the time to provide this information.
Please be reminded that the current school services will continue to operate as normal and these proposed changes will not go into effect until feedback has been received, reviewed and the school community has been directly advised via notices of official changes.   
If you have any queries, please contact the Kinetic Customer Experience Department on 07 5552 2700 (option 5).
We appreciate your assistance during this time.​